Free Download – TMCD5RMX [Updated 10/07/14]


This has taken waaaaay longer than I initially intended it to but it’s finally ready! Introducing TMCD5RMX featuring remixes of tracks from “Monsters & Miracles”. Listen and download below.

[Update 10/07/2014] I’m really happy to say that the collection has been expanded to 9 tracks!

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Tiger Mendoza vs The Evenings – Free downloads!

You may remember that back in February, we did a very special one-off gig with The Evenings in Oxford with lots of friends and an expanded Tiger Mendoza line up featuring Mark Wilden  from The Evenings on drums and live vocals from Asher Dust and Michael Weatherburn from The Half Rabbits. I’m really happy to say that recordings are available for all 3 sets from that night and you can download them all for free! Links and details below.


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The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band – King of Wine (TM King of Dub remix)

I’m really happy to say that my dub remix of The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band’s King of Wine is finished and available as a  free download. Have a listen and download below:

Not only that but check out the cool artwork above by Charles Cutting!

The remix collection on the Music page has been updated with some other bits and pieces as well so go check that out for some other stuff.


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Tiger Mendoza’s Public Enemy remix gets an official release!

Public Enemy - Get Up Stand Up!

I’m really happy to say that my remix of Public Enemy’s “Get Up Stand Up!” is now available to buy on iTunes! Not only that but there’s a small interview I did with Bit Torrent up on their blog.

Check out the remix below:

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Stylophone patch for Ableton Live – Free download


Hi. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while and I thought now was a good time to do it. In short, I’ve sampled my trusty Stylophone in to a usable as a Sampler and Simpler patch in Ableton live. My goal was to try and emulate the functions of the original device (with a couple of extra features) and, if I do say so myself, it’s turned out pretty well.

If you can’t wait and just want to go ahead and download it, here’s the link:
Ableton Live Stylophone Pad (Note: It will only work with Ableton Live 9+)

And here’s a quick demo:

Here’s a more detailed explanation:

The original Stylolophone has a note range from F#1 to C#3, 3 sound settings and a vibrato switch. I recorded all of the notes individually for each of the 3 sound settings but I extend out the F#1 down to C#-2 and the C#3 up to B5 to give it more range and usability. The pack has 2 different racks:

Stylo 1

This rack allows you to transition between the 3 sounds available using the dial on the top right and also has separate controls for delay and reverb.

Stylo 2

Stylophone 2 has the 3 sounds running in parallel and a single control for space (i.e. delay + reverb together).

So that’s it. I think the controls are pretty self explanatory but if you’ve got any questions or comments let me know. I would also love to hear what you do with it so feel free to leave a link or send me something via my Soundcloud Dropbox.

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New project with Digital Prisoners opens this week

I’m really happy to say that a new project by Digital Prisoners, featuring music and sounds by Tiger Mendoza as well as other Oxford musicians and bands, is due to go live on Bonn Square this Thursday.

Following on from the success of last year’s “Meeting Point” project, which gave the public the chance to interact with an audio-visual experience and remix music, video and imagery on a big scale in real time, this is a new and improved version for 2014.

For more information go to or have a go for yourself on Bonn Square, Oxford (opposite the entrance to The Westgate shopping centre) from the 6th – 8th March.

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Happy 2014!

So we’re at 2014 eh? That seems very futuristic.

Hope that you all had a good festive season and are gently easing in to this year. Just a quick update to highlight a few things you may want to check out:


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The TM 2013 C90

As with a good C90, it’s got a side A and a side B.

The Tiger Mendoza 2013 C90 – Side A by Tiger Mendoza on Mixcloud

The Tiger Mendoza 2013 C90 – Side B by Tiger Mendoza on Mixcloud

Tracklist and download links after the break

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Monsters & Miracles (TMCD5) – Cover, tracklist + release details

MonstersMiraclesFINALWe’re really happy to say that our new ep “Monsters & Miracles” is finally ready to be released. Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Punch Bag (feat. Half Decent)
  2. Dawn That Never Comes
  3. Prometheus Unbound (Band version)
  4. Something I Should Have Known
  5. Corporate Responsibility
  6. Just Let Go

This one’s taken a LONG time to record and finish up but we’re really happy with the final version. You can pre-order the digital and CD versions on Bandcamp now and we’re looking to get it on to your favourite digital music retailers as well as soon as we can.

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Coloureds – Pop Forlorn EP

Awesome new EP by Oxford’s latex masked electro heroes is out now from all good digital establishments. And iTunes. Oh and it’s got our remix of “Ted Nelson” on it. Seriously though, how good is that?!?!?!?

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