Fruity Loops + Reason = New song

After reading loads of amazing reviews and comments, not to mention Liam Howlett, saying he used it to demo the last Prodigy album, I’m slowly making the transition from Fruity Loops to Reason 3.0 to start making music.

Learning how to use a new package is an arse, let me make that clear, especially when you’ve been using the old software for so long, however just tinkering with Reason makes me feel like it’s a wise choice.

So what have I achieved? Well I have a ‘new’ demo. I say ‘new’ because I orginally started this song in 2003 and just haven’t been able to finish it. However, after importing the samples in from the FL sessions I started off with and also the real guitar samples that I recorded (one of the real downsides of Reason is that there’s no way to record new audio tracks, everything’s in midi (if I’m wrong, please tell me!)), I rejigged it in to it’s current form which you can download and listen to. It really needs a vocal so if you’re interested, please contact me.

Happy (instrumental) Update: This is old and has been taken down. Sorry.

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