Q: Is Tiger Mendoza a band?
A: No. At least not in the traditional sense. Tiger Mendoza is effectively a pseudonym I (Ian De Quadros) use as a producer / music maker for various musical projects. For more info about the history of Tiger Mendoza check out the About page

Q: How many people are in Tiger Mendoza?
A: Full time it’s just me – Ian De Quadros. Live, Tiger Mendoza normally comes a 3 piece with Daniel Clear on guitar and Tom Martin on live visuals. I also get people the people I have collaborated with involved as well but obviously depends on their availability.

Q: When you play live how many people are in the band?
A: It really depends on the music I’m making at the time, the size of the show and a few other factors. As I said above, normally we come as a 3 piece but if it’s a small support show it will probably be just me. If it’s a bigger gig, and budget allows for it, I might get a few more people involved on various instruments.

Q: I’m a promoter and want to book you for a gig, festival, etc. What do you think?
A: Sounds great! Best way to discuss is via email or the contact form on the website rather than DMs on social media
As explained, the TM live line up varies so if you think a specific line up would work best for your gig, it’s worth mentioning that when you get in contact to avoid disappointment.

Q: Will you play for free?
A: The short answer is maybe. If, for example, it’s a charity event for an organisation I want to work with, and I don’t think you’re taking the piss, then I’ll definitely consider it. If you are a “promoter” that’s spent all of the budget on marketing and the big headliner and don’t have enough left over to pay the rest of the bands on the bill anything but it will be “great exposure” the answer is more likely to be No. This also goes for “Pay To Play” type set ups. By all means get in contact because there are always exceptions but that’s my starting point.

Q: I’ve got a new project I’m working on and I would really like to use your music. Would that be ok?
A: Probably. Again please get in contact to discuss further but on the whole I love collaborating with other creative people including film makers, podcasters and choreographers. If the project is commercial (i.e. an ad or brand video) then I would probably expect some kind of some kind of monetary compensation or maybe an exchange of services in line with the scale of the project.

Q: Can I sample / use your track in one of mine?
A: Maybe. If it’s a free download and what you do doesn’t contradict what I do or represent personally or politically then go for it. If it becomes successful and you’re thinking about licensing the track to a TV show or put it up on Spotify, Bandcamp, etc for sale, we need to discuss a royalty split before that goes ahead. If I find that you have used one of my tracks commercially without my permission please don’t be surprised or offended if I ask you to take the track down until we get the commercials sorted.

Q: Would you be up for composing some new music for my new project?
A: Probably. Get in contact and I’ll definitely consider it. Again if your project is commercial, please don’t be offended if I bring up some kind of monetary compensation or exchange of services.

Q: What equipment do you use?
A: It varies from project to project but software wise, my main DAW is Ableton Live and for DJing I use Traktor Pro. I also use a combination of various software based fx and instruments like Reason which I’ve collected over the years.
Hardware wise I use a Windows laptop (I know, I know but I’m not an Apple fan, sorry) and a bunch of USB controllers like an AKAI MPD32 alongside an Ableton Push 3. For DJing I use a Traktor S4 MkIII.
Guitar wise my main guitars are a modified Telecaster copy and an Epiphone SG which I play through a Boss Katana MkII Head and 1 x 12 Cab. I used to use an external Korg multi FX pedal but now I mainly use the fx built in to the Katana with a Tuner pedal.

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