TMSk8: The Mixtape – Release Details

Ok here it is. I made a lockdown album. I didn’t mean to but hey, it was something do between sitting at home and binging Cobra Kai on Netflix. Oh and playing THPS 1+2. Obviously.

The idea of doing a Mixtape based around ‘boarding games like THPS, Skate and SSX has been something I’ve actually been thinking of doing for a while – way before the new game was even announced. It’s just good timing I guess.

The album will be available from Bandcamp on Friday 6th November (which also happens to be the next Bandcamp Day) and then all of the usual streaming services a couple of weeks later. “But Ian / Tiger / Whatever, why would I download it from Bandcamp when I can stream it on Spotify alongside my favourite Pixies / S Club 7 album?” I hear you ask. Well…

  • The Bandcamp deluxe release will include 2 tracks (“TMSk8” and “Futurist Car Chase”) which will get as soon as you pre-order the album
  • The Bandcamp version comes with instrumentals for all the vocal tracks.
  • The price for the whole thing will be £5 which probably less than it will be on other download sites.
  • It comes with expanded sleeve notes and artwork inspired by the release created by Mila Todd.
  • I genuinely believe that Bandcamp are one of the good guys in terms of music distribution and the support they’ve offered to bands and music makers over the past few months has been amazing.

A MASSIVE thank you to all of the people that have featured or contributed to this album in some way. Here’s the tracklisting:

All platforms:
Bomberg Redux (feat. Red Wilkins)
Easy Tiger (feat. Sinister Sound Gallery & Mike Ginger)
Oppressor (You Don’t Know) (feat. Mila Todd)
Exhibition (feat. Stuart Macbeth)
KPS (feat. Half Decent)
Masks (feat. Daniel Clear)
Words (feat. Kate Herridge)
Ja El Beat
Fear of Falling (feat. Emma Coombs)
Antisocial Media (TM vs Restructure)
Fighting Firm (feat. Phi Project)
Skate Free (feat. Octavia Freud)
Beautiful People

Bandcamp only:
TMSk8 (Bonus Track)
Futurist Car Chase (Bonus Track)
Easy Tiger (Instrumental)
Exhibition (Alt Mix)
Oppressor (You Don’t Know) (Instrumental)
KPS (Instrumental)
Words (Instrumental)
FOMO (Instrumental)
Fear of Falling (Instrumental)
Antisocial Media (Instrumental)
Beautiful People (Instrumental)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Easy Tiger (with Sinister Sound Gallery)

Download links:

Hey everyone, hope you’re doing ok in the current circumstances. Given everything that’s been going on in the world right now I know things are pretty crazy and it’s pretty apparent that no one really knows how it’s all going to pan out. I guess we’ve all just got to hang in there.

Anyway, I’m really happy to say that Sinister Sound Gallery and I want to give our new track Easy Tiger to you for FREE. Yep, FREE. Was it a bit stupid to give a brand new track away for free on one of Bandcamp’s fee waiving days? Maybe. Don’t care though. Y’all deserve it.

As you may be aware, SSG and I have collaborated once before when I produced Golden Nugget Morning. That track was an interesting one as Jake had been jamming versions of it with his old band The Deadbeat Apostles for a while and I helped him polish it up and finish it off. Easy Tiger though is a brand new track that started with the same chat I had with Jake and Mike from The Deadbeats after we’d just seen the AMAZING Algiers live in Oxford.

I sent Jake some stems for a punk-ish track I was playing with to see if he wanted to do anything with it. Then, to be honest, I forgot I sent the stems to him. In the mean time he sent me back a bunch of guitars and an amazing vocal take from Mike which I just had to turn in to something new (with a bit of help from Pete on the keys and Tiece on vocals but she doesn’t know that). The result was “Easy Tiger”.

I’ve been playing it in my #IsolationWave streams on YouTube for a while and we even jammed a version live with Bruno Muerte just before lockdown kicked in but Jake and I wanted you guys to have it for free so that hopefully you can play it loud and maybe do a small strut around the house or while you’re doing your socially distanced shopping.

“Tiger Mendoza Presents…” vinyl available to pre-order and #IsolationWave live streams

I hope you’re all doing as well as can be expected given the circumstances. As you may be aware the launch gig for the single had to be postponed due the CV crisis however I just wanted to let you know that the single is now available to pre-order now on bandcamp via All Will Be Well Records. It may take a bit longer than expected to get the vinyl out to you but you you’ll get an immediate digital download of both tracks which you can play to your heart’s content. The tracks will also be available on all of the usual streaming services from Monday 6th April. Click here for more info.

Also a MASSIVE thank you to everyone that joined the first TM #IsolationWave live stream on YouTube! I didn’t really know what to expect to be honest but the people that joined seemed to like it. You can listen and watch back to the stream below. I’m going to try and do a stream once a week while this lockdown is in the UK on Wedneday nights from 7:45pm BST. For more info and links, have a look on Facebook or YouTube.

Things are pretty crazy at the moment and for what it’s worth a massive personal Thank You from me to all of the frontline workers in shops, doing deliveries, and especially all of the workers in the NHS that are doing whatever they can to contain this thing. In this unprecedented and surreal situation, YOU are amazing!

“Tiger Mendoza Presents…” single launch details

I’m really happy to say that the first vinyl release by Tiger Mendoza will be coming out on Wednesday 25th March in collaboration with the brilliant All Will Be Will Records.

The single is a Double A-side and features 2 Tiger Mendoza productions:

Side A) Tiger Mendoza & Sinister Sound Gallery – Golden Nugget Morning (feat. Mike Ginger from The Deadbeat Apostles)
Side AA) Asher Dust – Damaged Goods (Tiger Mendoza mix)

Here’s the cover art by Alex Ogg:

Tiger Mendoza Presents... Variety Box

The single will be released a special launch gig at The Library on Cowley Road, Oxford on Wednesday 25th March with a plethora of special guests joining the mayhem / fun. Tickets are available from

AWBW1 Gig Poster v2

Failing Fast cover

New Single + New Gig

I’m really happy to say that I’ll be releasing a brand new 2-track single called The Myth of Failing Fast. The track listing is as follows

  1. The Myth of Failing Fast
  2. Tec Dub

Once again featuring the amazing vocals of Mr. Asher Dust this time in spoken word mode.

The single will be available from my Bandcamp page on a PWYL basis closely followed by your favourite (and not so favourite) streaming and download platforms soon after. The Bandcamp release will also include instrumental versions of both tracks.

I’m also really happy to say that I’ll be playing alongside the amazing Sink Ya Teeth and Means of Production at Fusion Arts Centre in Oxford on Saturday 9th November. Here’s a poster:

Ticket are available from WeGotTickets.

It’s 2018 and cassettes are being produced…

…and you know what? I’m totally fine with that. As part of this year’s Cassette Store Day celebrations a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of contributing a track to the amazing Beanietapes Continuous Play compilation which collects together some of the highlights of the Oxford music scene on to a lovely cassette WITH Japanese style Obi Strip! How cool is that?!?!?!


The launch at Truck Store over the weekend in conjunction with the cassette release of Max Blansjaar’s new EP was a lot of fun and I even got to do a cheeky little acoustic rendition of “So What” from Old Ideas 2. A massive thank you to Jules and Ben from Candy Says for having me!

Now to dig out the minidisc player…


Old Ideas 2 EP Launch set – Stream / Download

It still seems slightly crazy but Old Ideas 2 is finally out so to celebrate we had a little shindig at brilliant Truck Store where I played a bunch of tracks that influenced the whole Old Ideas project, tracks from the EP and a couple of brand new WIPs. Stream / download the set below.

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