“…can’t take it with yooooooouuuuuu…..”

Ahhh they’ve done it again. Radiohead have released ‘stems’ for one of the tracks off of In Rainbows and I couldn’t resist having a go. Here’s my widget:

(Edit 21/10/08: Can’t be arsed taking part in the pop idol process anymore. Enjoy the download below.)

It was actually harder to remix this one than it was doing the Nude remix a while back even if this one is in 4/4. The structure isn’t as straight forward ya see, extra bars and stuff. This is actually my second attempt at it. I tried to be truer to the actual structure the first time and it just didn’t work. Ah, whatever – I like it!

Here’s a download for anyone that wants it:
Radiohead – Reckoner (Tiger mendoza remix 1)

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