Tiger Mendoza has been a pseudonym for different types of electronic music I’ve created for a while, but after a couple of other projects had run their course, I decided it was time to take Tiger Mendoza up a notch. I began to work on some songs with Helena, who I’d heard singing at a friend’s party, and we soon realised the noise we were making was starting to sound pretty good.

We released The Hope Sick EP in September 2009 and began to think about how we could play live. Spotting a Twitter conversation about finding a bass player, Sally got in touch to say she was up for it. This made Helena and I very happy. And after a couple of (semi) acoustic gigs as a three-piece, we took on a second guitarist, Dan. This made everyone very happy again.

So you could sum up Tiger Mendoza as an accident – but a happy accident. The music is our attempt to create great songs with beats, guitars and whatever other sounds and nonsense happen to wander past at the time.

Ian De Quadros – Production

Past members:
Helena Markou – Vocals
Dan O’Driscoll – Guitar

Cheers to AK for helping with the copy!

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