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Cat #: TMCD7
Release date: 25th September 15
Download: Bandcamp | iTunes | Google Play
Stream: Bandcamp | Spotify | Deezer
  1. XET (edit) 04:14
  2. GÜS (edit) 04:52
  3. XET (full) 08:01
  4. GÜS (full) 07:05

Name: Tiger Mendoza & David Griffiths – Along Dangerous Roads
Cat #: TMCD6
Release date: 26th October 14
Download: Bandcamp
  1. Now That Days Are Colder 04:55
  2. In Desperate Times 03:12
  3. Along Dangerous Roads 03:55
  4. Eating Crayons 05:06
  5. Literature And Life 04:23
  6. Home Is The Sailor 05:12

Release date: 16th June 14
Download: Bandcamp
Remixable stems

  1. Prometheus Unbound (Motion Static Remix) 03:56
  2. Something I Should Have Known (Unit27 Remix) 04:33
  3. Dawn That Never Comes (Death of HiFi Psych Dub) 05:18
  4. Something I Should Have Known (Tiger Mendoza + David Griffiths mix) 03:49
  5. Dawn That Never Comes (The Pyrox Remix) 04:26
  6. Something I Should Have Known (Half Decent Remix) 03:32
  7. Punch Bag (Blacklabel Round 1 Mix) 03:06
  8. Just Let Go (Death of Hi Fi Oric1 remix) 03:35
  9. Tiger Mendoza vs Ghostpoet – MellowTron (Colatron Mashup) 04:24

Name: Monsters & Miracles
Cat #: TMCD5
Release date: 25th November 13
Deluxe CD + download: Bandcamp
Download: iTunes
Info: Featuring Half Decent, Michael Weatherburn from the Half Rabbits and Mr. G.

  1. Punch Bag (feat. Half Decent) 04:48
  2. Dawn That Never Comes 05:12
  3. Prometheus Unbound (Band version) (feat. Michael Weatherburn and Mr. G) 04:27
  4. Something I Should Have Known 03:47
  5. Corporate Responsibility 05:58
  6. Just Let Go 03:49

Name: Prometheus Unbound
Cat #: TMCD5
Release date: 12th November 12
Download: Bandcamp
Info: Featuring Michael from The Half Rabbits on vocals. Backing vocals by Mr. G.

  1. Prometheus Unbound (feat. Michael Weatherburn)
  2. Prometheus Unbound (Space Heroes silent disco RMX)
  3. Prometheus Unbound (Unit 27 remix)
  4. Prometheus Unbound (Death of Hifi remix)

Cat #: TMCD3
Release date: 5th December 11
Download: Bandcamp
Info: 4 new tracks. More electro / breaks / DnB, less “Trippy”.
Mini site

  1. Intro
  2. Lovesick Vandal (feat. Asher Dust and Death of Hifi)
  3. Human Basics
  4. Lucha

Name: Take Out Their Legs
Cat #: TMCD2.5
Release date: 15th September 11
Download: Bandcamp
Info: 2 track single with new mixes of tracks from ‘Aim For The Head’ produced to coincide with our first gig at the O2 Academy, Oxford.

  1. The Circus (Ghost Dub)
  2. My House (Live mix)

Name: Aim For The Head
Cat #: TMCD2
Release date: 10th December 10
Download: Bandcamp
Info: Our first full album. Also the first release to feature Dan on guitar.

  1. Mellotron
  2. Dark Maybe Darker
  3. Last Train To Chiba
  4. 2 Rings (w/ Will Scarlett)
  5. The Circus
  6. Don’t Hate Me (w/ Lee Christian from Smilex)
  7. My House
  8. D Song
  9. Kalimba

Name: The Hope Sick ep
Cat #: TMCD1
Release date: 11th September 09
Download: Bandcamp
Info: Our first ep. Good times.

  1. Tokyo Triangle
  2. Sleep On
  3. Filmstar
  4. Happy Birthday
  5. Hope Sick

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Name: Hope Sick (Dub mix)
Cat #: 10101
Release date: 2010
Download: Beatport
Info: The lovely people from Waveform Records decided to put this out on their third compilation.

Name: The DJ Shadow Remix Project
Cat #: n/a
Release date: 2010
Album Download:
Info: A mash up of DJ Shadow’s Blood On The Motorway and Everything But The Girl’s Missing which was selected as one of the winners of the remix project on DJ Shadow’s website.

Name: Tron: Rise Of The Virals
Cat #: tron15
Release date: 16th March 10
Album Download: Bandcamp
Info: A musical tribute to Tron based around a soundtrack to a fictional sequel to the original Tron film devised by World Famous Audio Hacker.

  1. Team9 – For The Love Of ENCOM
  2. Solcofn – Askew
  3. Tiger Mendoza – Build A Better Lightcycle
  4. World Famous Audio Hacker – Rise Of The Virals
  5. Journey – Any Way You Want It (Rhythm Scholar Syntax Error Remix)
  6. Lilith The Kitten – Electro City
  7. Future Sound Of Tron – March To Silicon Palace
  8. Team9 – Lora’s Theme
  9. Solcofn – Technojazz
  10. Tiger Mendoza – Love Theme
  11. Tiger Mendoza – Paranoid Space
  12. EBNC – T128.Flynn.FK@yf
  13. Lilith The Kitten – Core Dump
  14. Solcofn – Means To An End
  15. Carl Walters – Theme From Tron 105

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