Old Ideas (& New Ideas)

2016 was a hell of a year. Personally, nationally, internationally, a hell of a year. When the music started coming together for this release one thing stuck with me. It was like some faux nostalgic sense of “Weren’t things SO much better in the olden days?” was rising which lead to, in my opinion, some pretty majorly terrible decisions being made. These outdated ideals indirectly lead to the mood and the music on these releases with vocals and other bits provided friends old and new.

New Ideas – The Remixes

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1. Found You (feat. Kate Herridge) 05:07    
2. Perish The Thought (feat. Asher Dust) 03:40    
3. Maverick Souls (Abnormal Projection Remix) 04:17
4. Jazzer (Breezewax Remix) 03:41    
5. Missing You (Dan Clear Remix) 04:43    
6. Natural Beat (Kid Kin Remix) 03:43    
7. And Then (Octavia Freud Remix) 04:27    
8. Jazzer (REELS Remix) 03:46    
9. Quiet My Heart (Silke Blansjaar Remix) 03:21    
10. And Then (Twin Replica Remix) 04:04    
11. Unconscious (Freaked Out While Sleeping Dub) 05:31    
12. Natural Beat (Mowves Remix) 05:09    
13. Maverick Souls (Skhellter Remix) 02:47    
14. Maverick Souls (Worry Remix) 02:00 
Bandcamp bonus tracks:   
15. Maverick Souls (Dan Clear Remix) 05:09 
16. Process (CPU Interrupt Edit) 03:35


1. Written By De Quadros / Herridge. Produced by De Quadros
2. Written by De Quadros / Jones. Produced by De Quadros
3. Remixed by Abnormal Projection (soundcloud.com/abnormal-projection
4. Remixed by Breezewax (breezewax.bandcamp.com)
5. Remixed by Daniel Clear 
6. Remixed by Kid Kin 
7. Remixed by Octavia Freud 
8. Remixed by Reels (www.davidagriffiths.uk
9. Remixed by Silke Blansjaar 
10. Remixed by Leigh Taylor 
11. Subconciously dubbed by DFF Sound System (dffsoundsystem.bandcamp.com
12. Remix produced by Nick D Brewer & Matthew Mooney 
13. Remixed by Guilherme Henriques (skhellter.bandcamp.com
14. Remixed by Worry 
15. Remixed by Daniel Clear 
16. Reprocessed by DFF Sound System (dffsoundsystem.bandcamp.com)

Old Ideas 2

“If Old Ideas 1 was the night before, Old Ideas 2 is the morning after…So what now?”

Release date: 19th October 2018

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  1. Corpus
  2. Jazzer (feat. REELS)
  3. Maverick Souls (feat. Asher Dust)
  4. Wheedle Scratch (feat. Yaya Jojo) [Video]
  5. Silly Boy (feat. Asher Dust)
  6. So What (feat. Kid Kin)
  7. Quiet My Heart (feat. Ian from Little Red)
  8. Human (Bonus Track)


All music except 2: Ian De Quadros
2 Music by Ian De Quadros & David Griffiths
3, 5 Words: Andrew Jones
6 Words: Ian De Quadros
7 Words: Ian Mitchell

David Griffiths: Keyboards 2 + 7, U-Bass & Guitar 2
Andrew Jones: Vocals and vocal production 3 + 5
Yaya Jojo: Real vinyl scratching 4
Pete Lloyd: Guitars 6
Ian Mitchell: Vocals on 7

Another, even more massive thank you to AJ, Ian M, Dave, Yanick (one day I’ll learn how to scratch myself!), and Pete for donating their time and talent. And another massive thank you to everyone offered help and advice while the EP was being recorded especially Mike from Safehouse and Skhelter. It took a bit longer than expected but hey we got there.

Old Ideas 1

Release Date: 13th October 2017

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All music: Ian De Quadros

1, 5 Words: Louis Pilard
2 Words: Chris Martin
3 Words: Andrew Jones
4 Words: Luke Allmond
7 Words: Ian De Quadros

1, 5 Words: Louis Pilard
2 Words: Chris Martin
3 Words: Andrew Jones
4 Words: Luke Allmond
7 Words: Ian De Quadros

Louis Pilard: Vocals + vocal production 1, 5
Asher Dust: Vocals + vocal production 3
Luke Allmond: Vocals + vocal production 4
Dan Clear: Guitars & additional production 2
Lucy Vee: Backing vocals 2
Ian De Quadros: Production, Guitars, Vocals 7

A massive thank you to Louis, Chris, Dan, Lucy, AJ, and Luke for donating their time and talent to this release. I genuinely can’t put in to words how grateful I am that they even wanted to get involved. Also a massive thank you to everyone that’s listened and commented while I was putting everything together or just said Hi whenever I’ve played out anywhere.

For Em. As always.

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