Foo Fighters vs Prince

I was talking to someone last night and and we got on to the subject of whether or not the Foo’s had lost it. Now, I’m a pretty big Foo Fighters fan, but I was being told that after ‘The Color And The Shape’ they kind of lost it. My friend then went on to say that Prince’s Suberbowl 2007 cover of Best Of You was better than the original.

So I’m mulling this over (with my chipped tooth after hitting myself in the face with a mic and at a gig last night) and I still have to say ……No. The Foo’s are still great. And maybe I do like the MOR acoustic stuff too much but hey, such is life. So here – Dave’s acoustic version of ‘Times Like These’ from One By One:

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>> Prince’s version of Best Of You with All Along the Watchtower intro

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