Wonderwall + Oxford Snakes

I don’t know why I haven’t posted this on here sooner but here’s my take on Ryan Adams’ version of Wonderwall:

> Tiger Mendoza vs Ryan Adams – Wonderwall

It’s kind of a dark indusrial hip hop take version which I thought came together nicely after messing around with Ableton Live

Also I’ve done a remix for Oxford Band Hammer vs The Snake which also came out pretty well so here it is:

> Hammer vs The Snake – Blame (Tiger Mendoza Remix)

As far as I know they like it and it may be going out on an e.p. they’re putting together soon but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Cheers to the band for letting a complete stranger mess around with their song.
I’ve also been messing around with my 4-track, my new guitar and Mr. Sean Mills on some completly stripped down acoustic stuff. When I’ve finished it, I’ll probably stick it up on here as well but I’ll save that for another time….

3 thoughts on “Wonderwall + Oxford Snakes

  1. Stuart Luscombe says:

    Is the Mr. Sean Mills you speak of the same who migrated from Havant to Oxford? If he is, then tell him to get in touch, we’ve all been trying to get ahold of him for ages!

  2. frienemy says:

    heard about your RA wonderwall track. wanted to hear it, but your site says NO!

    send it?

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