Tron 1.5

Hello! Just Thought I’d share the Fairtilizer playlist for the Tron 1.5 soundtrack that I mentioned earlier: Thanks again to Audio Hacker for organizing the the whole thing (who also organised the “It’s Britney, Mixed!” project) and to everyone that put together music for the project. Download the whole thing from

New Keyboard Choir ep

Just thought I’d let you all know that the pretty god damn brilliant Keyboard Choir have a new e.p which you can download for free from If you haven’t heard anything by them before, they’re a big swirling mist of screeching, squeliching synths. Brilliant to hear live if you get the chance. Here’s the […]

Dark Night of the Soul CANNED!

The last time Dangermouse and Sparklehorse got together was on the brilliant ‘Dreamt for lightyears in the belly of a Mountain’ which has become one of my favourite albums. When the mysterious posters started appearing I got excited. So to hear that this brilliant album may never be officially released due to issues with the […]

Ghostly Swim

I realise this is probably pretty old to some people now but a little while back the brilliant [adultswim] posted a free compilation of stuff from the Ghostly International record label, and it’s a really quite brilliant little compilation. And Free! Here’s the player Sorry, the player auto-playing whenever you go to the site annoid […]