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I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the images in the media that have come back in the wake of the earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan. It seems as though things are going pretty crazy around the world with the troubles in Egypt and Libya and the earthquake in New Zealand but this has hit a little closer to home. Helena lived in Japan for a while and her experiences in the country influenced the lyrics to our songs ‘Tokyo Triangle’ and ‘Last Train To Chiba’ and it’s a place that is still very close her. We also have other friends with very strong links to Japan so I thought I would put a message out.

I appreciate that money wise, things are a tough at the moment and there are a number of high profile charities trying to get your money for different causes but if you can spare anything and would like to donate to the Red Cross’ Appeal, click on this link or on the image below.

Cheers, Ian

Red Cross

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  1. Robert van Oz says:

    We are speechless concerning Japan and have come to the point where words lack in meaning and strength to express our thoughts and feelings.
    Therefore you can contribute to the ‘Wordless Appeal’ by expressing your thoughts and emotions in any form BUT words. You can use any form of expression – whether
    music or arts – and post it as a video response to this video.

    Those of you who have no YouTube account but have the opportunity to upload a video elsewhere are welcome to send us the link which will be listed in this info box via . It’s important not to use any words and just go straight ahead and improvise if you begin to create.

    Here is the video:

    We hope that this wordless appeal can give Japan our deepest condolences and sympathies.

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