Video Premiere: Tiger Mendoza & Ally Craig – Until Tomorrow

As you may know I got back in to film photography a few years ago. I was looking back through some of my film photography scans from the past couple of years pre-pandemic and started pulling out pictures Going of various pre-lockdown travels, gigs and other adventures. For me, no matter when the picture was actually taken, film photography always has an air of nostalgia about it and for a few different reasons I haven’t really felt like using my film cameras for a while so coupled with that, looking through these pictures was a bit of a nostalgia overload but a fun trip down memory lane which I’m hoping we can get back to soon. All of the pictures were taken between 2018 and 2020 although exact dates are a bit fuzzy.

Until Tomorrow is a track that I created about a year ago based on a bass line set to me by the frankly brilliant Ally Craig. It’s probably the closest I’ve gotten so far to Mogwai-esque post-rock track or at least a teen TV drama version of a post-rock track. The dialogue is borrowed from a BBC World Service broadcast I came across when putting the track together discussing the then relatively new pandemic and confusion within India around the advice the government was giving to it’s people. Listening back to the audio now and alongside the pictures from our last trip to Goa, where I still have a lot of friends and family, it’s an interesting glimpse in to what has lead to the current situation.

You can still download the track from my Bandcamp page. Any profits will be donated to the amazing Oxford Food Hub who do great work educating people on food waste and redistributing food to charities and organisations that can use it. The track is still available to stream on all on Spotify and all of the usual services.

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