A (belated!) Happy 1st Birthday to TMSk8!!!

Amongst all of the excitement around the upcoming “ONETWOTHREE” project in 2022, I totally forgot that it’s 1 year since TMSk8 was released!

I’m really proud of the whole TMSk8 project and in what was an…interesting year for me and many other people it was a lovely thing to focus on and create with some amazing people – mostly remotely – and to put together the kind of THPS mixtape soundtrack I would love to hear! When the lock down measures started to ease it’s been just as amazing to be able to get out and play songs from it in front of actual people and see the reaction in person. Here’s to hoping that can continue.

Thank you to all of you that have already picked up a copy either digitally or in person it genuinely means a lot and a big thank you to the following people that contributed to the whole project:
> The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band
> Restructure (RIP)
> Dan Clear (cheers for the live guitar skills too!!!!)
> Just Emma (aka Emma Coombs)
> Sinister Sound Gallery and Mike from The Deadbeat Apostles
> Octavia Freud
> Phi Project
> Kate Herridge from Ocean Ruins
> Mila Todd (who also created the excellent artwork!)
Do yourself a favour and look them all up – They’re great!

Also a big thank you to everyone that I played rough mixes to and gave feedback throughout the whole thing.

If you haven’t picked up TMSk8 yet, you may want to do so by Sunday 5th December as the full digital deluxe version is available as a special price for the next few days.

Take care and stay safe,

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