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Free Download – TMCD5RMX [Updated 10/07/14]


This has taken waaaaay longer than I initially intended it to but it’s finally ready! Introducing TMCD5RMX featuring remixes of tracks from “Monsters & Miracles”. Listen and download below.

[Update 10/07/2014] I’m really happy to say that the collection has been expanded to 9 tracks!

The whole thing is also up on Soundcloud if that’s the way you roll. Also if you want to have a go at remixing some of the tracks for yourself, here are some links to torrents containing stems for 3 of the tracks from the ep:

Corporate Responsibility: Torrent
Dawn That Never Comes: Torrent
Prometheus Unbound: Torrent

That’s it. Enjoy and don’t forget to tell your friends. Massive thanks to all of the bands and artists that helped with this release!

Motion Static http://soundcloud.com/motionstatic
Death of Hifi http://www.deathofhifi.com
Half Decent http://www.halfdecentmusic.com
Unit27 http://www.unit27music.com
Blacklabel http://soundcloud.com/blackoutsounds
The Pyrox http://soundcloud.com/thepyrox
Collatron http://www.colatron.com
David Griffiths http://soundcloud.com/davidagriffiths

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