Free Download – TMCD5RMX [Updated 10/07/14]


This has taken waaaaay longer than I initially intended it to but it’s finally ready! Introducing TMCD5RMX featuring remixes of tracks from “Monsters & Miracles”. Listen and download below.

[Update 10/07/2014] I’m really happy to say that the collection has been expanded to 9 tracks!

The whole thing is also up on Soundcloud if that’s the way you roll. Also if you want to have a go at remixing some of the tracks for yourself, here are some links to torrents containing stems for 3 of the tracks from the ep:

Corporate Responsibility: Torrent
Dawn That Never Comes: Torrent
Prometheus Unbound: Torrent

That’s it. Enjoy and don’t forget to tell your friends. Massive thanks to all of the bands and artists that helped with this release!

Motion Static
Death of Hifi
Half Decent
The Pyrox
David Griffiths

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