Fredo Viola – Redstates (TM Remix) [Update]

There’s a remix contest for Mr. Viola’s song. Liked the original so thought I try and do something with it.

Download currently available from Fairtilizer only at the moment, may post it directly on here soon though. Download is available, just hover over the player above and click on the download button.

[Update] Well worth checking out this live version of Red States on Vimeo (cheers Adam!).

Almost there now.

Just updated the TMCD1 (we are going to call it something different, can’t remember what now) playlist on Fairtilizer. Probably going to add 1, maybe 2 more songs (maybe including a cover) and then put the whole lot up for download and maybe make a few CDs too. Won’t that be nice?

Oh, there’s someting new on the remixes page as well. Hmmmm….

New stuff

Cheers to everyone that saw me do the acoustic gig in slough last week. It was fun. Don’t know if I really fitted in to a punk night but never mind it seemed to go down well.

Apart from that I’ve been working on a couple of songs that will be on the first Tiger Mendoza download release which will probably be called TMCD1 (imaginative? No, but never mind eh?) and will be ready for the end of Jan 2009. Won’t that be great? Here are a couple of tracks for you to listen to:

‘Tokyo Triangle’ features the lovely Helena Markou on vocals. We’ll be working on some other new songs together as well but they’re not ready yet.