Remixes, etc

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while but now that SoundCloud have removed the limits on accounts, I thought it was about time.

The set below is a collection of pretty much every (official and unofficial) remix that I created from 2005 to date. Unbelievably that’s over 4 hours worth of tunes. Crazy.

Most are downloadable but if you ask nicely at one of out upcoming gigs you may be able to get a CD with all of them on. Saves bandwidth anyway. Enjoy!

April update

So Spring is finally springing (kind of) so time for a quick update.

A couple of reminders of upcoming gigs:
12th April – The Wheatsheaf, Oxford
1st May – The Dublin Castle, London

Go to the gigs page for more details and ticket links.

And, as usual, I’ve been unable help myself from tinkering with other people’s tunes so there are 3 new remixes due out in the very near future. An exact date for the release of the Coloureds remix will follow soon but the Listing Ships and Buildings On Fire remixes will be streamable from Monday. I’m hoping that we’ll have some brand new original material to play you soon but that’s taking a bit longer to put together than I originally hoped. But it will emerge soon, trust me.

Until then, here’s a new track to tide you over.

Until next time…