Hang Drum remixed [Update]

There’s a video that’s been around on video sites like youtube that’s been around for a while now which I’ve been slightly obsessed with ever since the first time I saw it. Manu Delago posted a video of a solo piece he did on an instrument called a Hang which I’d seen before but never heard played properly. I just LOVED the sound the things were making. When I heard it I really wanted to do something with it. Not too much but just……enhance it maybe? Re-edit it? I dunno. But I found out I could do video editing in good old ableton so I thought I’d give it a go. Here’s the result:

Here’s an mp3 of the audio: Manu Delago – Hand Drum Solo (Mono Desire) [TM Remix]
Here’s a downloadable version of the audio:

A big Thank you to Manu for posting the original video (which you can see here) and for letting me post the remix.

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