An update

Here’s what I’ve been up to recently for anyone that’s interested.

  • Working lots and trying to remeber that, all things considered I should be grateful for having a job at all at the moment
  • Writing, recording and practicing some new songs with the lovely Helena which are dangerously close to being finished. We’re currently thinking that a small demo / e.p. type thing in the next couple of months and possibly try for some gigs around September. Someone may even be interested in playing bass. Crazy.
  • Listening to lots Deftones, The Keyboard Choir, 65dos, Calvin Harris, Cinematic Orchestra, Fourtet, Two Fingers (new Amon Tobin / Sway project) and lots of Drum n Bass (some of it much, much, better than others…).
  • Trying to remix Briney Spears after responding to a Twitter post from Mr. World Famous Audio Hacker. The completed ‘project’ should be released later this week.

Until next time bat fans.

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