An update

The blog posts have been relatively quiet (although the twitter posts haven’t) but that’s because there’s been a lot of stuff happening in the background so here’s a bit of a summary.

New Music:
We are working on a new 11 track album called ‘Aim For The Head’. The backing tracks are almost completed and we’ll be doing the vocals over the next couple of weeks. There’s also the possibility of putting out a little ep type thing with some semi acoustic stuff and a new song (which Dan came up with the music for) which doesn’t quite fit on the album. We’re hoping to complete it all in time for some gigs we’ve lined up which leads me nicely on to…

We’re very excited to say we’ve got the following gigs lined up:
10th December – The Jericho, Oxford
17th December – The Wheatsheaf, Oxford

This will be the first time that all 4 of us have played live together in front of people (and may well be the last time we get to play together for a while) so we’re really looking forward to it. Full lineups and ticket prices for both nights are still tbc but we’ll let you know more as soon as we do. We’re still keeping an eye out for other gigs though so get in contact if you would like us to come to a venue near you.

Site updates:
I’ve been tweaking and rearranging stuff on the site for a little while so hopefully things should be a bit easier to find and bit to manage from this end. In particular, have a look at the new look gigs and music pages and the brand new about and video pages and let me know what you think via comment, contact or twitter.

The brilliant Lee from Prohibition Smokers’ Club has let me loose on a remix of one of their new tracks which should be out fairly soon. There may well be a couple of other things coming up as well but their not quite ready to tell you about yet. Should be able to soon though.

So as you can see quite a a lot has been happening which has been keeping us busy but definitely in a good way. We’re really looking forward to putting the new stuff out for people to listen to and to playing live so exciting times ahead. In the mean time, have a listen to this.

An update

Hello! It’s been a bit quiet on the Tiger Mendoza front for a while so I thought I’d put out a quick update.

The Missing on the Motorway mix I put together for the DJ Shadow remix comp has been selected to be a bonus track on the download version of the compilation that’s coming out to accompany the competition. Shame it didn’t get on the actual CD but still cool to be associated.

Oscar TG asked me if I wanted to do a remix of his track ‘Run with the flame’ which will be coming out on Red Robot records soon. A big thank you to Oscar, Will Scarlett and Flipt for letting me mess with their song!

There are a couple of other things that I’m working on as well but their not 100% confirmed yet but hopefully more news soon….

New tunes:
We are writing new stuff at the moment and hope to have some sort of release out probably in September. Dan O’Driscoll will be joining on guitar (along with Helena on vocals and Sally on bass) so that’s nice. Will definitely help when we do live gigs as well (which we’re also going to try and do later this year).

Anyway, that’s it for now. Cheers to anyone that’s shown an interest in this little project in any way. There will be some new tunes for you to listen to soon hopefully but due to some ‘personal commitments’, the tunes have had to be put on hold for a bit. Here’s small bootleg to tide you over in the mean time.


An update

Been a while so thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to:

  • Being involved in the Tron 1.5 project (cheers to World Famous Audio Hacker for arranging it all and to everyone else that created stuff for the ‘soundtrack’).
  • Remixing a new track by The Half Rabbits which will be available for download very soon
  • Working. Lots.
  • Writing and recording stuff with Helena for a potential ep2. Oh yes.

Also been playing with a new bootleg but that’s not quite ready yet. Should soon though. Cheery Bye.

An update

Here’s what I’ve been up to recently for anyone that’s interested.

  • Working lots and trying to remeber that, all things considered I should be grateful for having a job at all at the moment
  • Writing, recording and practicing some new songs with the lovely Helena which are dangerously close to being finished. We’re currently thinking that a small demo / e.p. type thing in the next couple of months and possibly try for some gigs around September. Someone may even be interested in playing bass. Crazy.
  • Listening to lots Deftones, The Keyboard Choir, 65dos, Calvin Harris, Cinematic Orchestra, Fourtet, Two Fingers (new Amon Tobin / Sway project) and lots of Drum n Bass (some of it much, much, better than others…).
  • Trying to remix Briney Spears after responding to a Twitter post from Mr. World Famous Audio Hacker. The completed ‘project’ should be released later this week.

Until next time bat fans.

Erm…Happy 2009!

Hello. Let’s say this is the first PROPER POST of 2009 shall we? The last one was just me getting excited about the Watchmen film. Again. So how are you all? Doing well. That’s nice.

First of all a quick site update. I’ve recently had to move the blog to a slightly different bit of the internet and, shock horror, I now have to actually start paying for my webspace. I do want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Sam Shelton who’s been hosting this site and the Toy #1 site for me pretty much since day 1. I have to say it is quite cool though to actually ‘own’ now but’s that’s more geek-ery than anything else. Moving the site around has meant changing a couple of things behind the scenes so if you do spot any links not working or anything else weird please let me know.

As for new music, the start of 2009 was weird because once I got back from a brilliant holiday, I found it really difficult to create anything I thought was good and wanted to continue. I think I’m coming out of it now though and there’s a couple new things which need a little tweaking but should be ready very shortly (including a couple of new songs with Helena) and maybe even some gigs. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve also been thing of adding a style regular podcast to the site but we’ll see.

Untill next time then, here’s something I started right at end of 2008 and tweaked today.

Perfect Love (Nine Inch Nails ‘Blend’)


I thought I’d put some of files back up that were on the last version of the site but wanted to separate them out a bit. So, if you look over to the left you’ll see a link to ‘Music‘ and some of the bits and pieces I’ve put together on pages below it. There’s also the first version of a new Adele / 808 state bootleg on the bootlegs page for you to enjoy. May still need a bit a bit mre tweaking but ah well, it’s up now. I’ll re-jig it soon.

For some reason I’ve also signed up for the Orange unisigned act / pop idol type thing for a bit of a laugh. Not sure why but feel free to look at my rad new page.

Lastly howdy to anyone that’s arrived here from the GYBO forum, hope you like what you find.