Aim For The Head: Cover and Tracklisting

Aim For The Head album cover
Click on the cover for more info.


  1. Mellotron
  2. Dark Maybe Darker
  3. Last Train To Chiba
  4. 2 Rings (w/ Will Scarlett)
  5. The Circus
  6. Don’t Hate Me (w/ Lee Christian from Smilex)
  7. My House
  8. D Song
  9. Kalimba

So there you go. The cover was based on this piece by street artist Pahnl (and by the way you NEED to check out his new short film!). It will be available to download from bandcamp on Friday 10th December and we’ll be selling CDs at our gigs at The Jericho and The Wheatsheaf in the next couple of weeks.

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