Pre-Christmas Thank Yous and Stems!

The past year has been pretty crazy for Tiger Mendoza. We’ve managed to play gigs, record an album and recruited 2 new members. I’d say that was a big win of a year. The gigs we had over the past couple of weeks were a really good experience. It’s fair to say that the 2nd gig was a lot tighter (and to be fair a lot more fun) but a big THANK YOU to Daisy Rogers and Swiss Concrete and Gappy for having us. And obviously THANK YOU to all of the people that came to see us. Dan Paxton has some great pics from the gigs up on Flickr profile.

In a return of good will and good Christmas spirit I’ve uploaded some remixable stems to the Aim For The Head page which you remix to your hearts content. If you do create anything please do share it via Soundcloud or Official.FM.

As for what next year will hold, Tiger Mendoza will continue and there will be more music but the lineup will have change as Helena and Sally are going off to do other things for a bit. We have got a show lined up for March in Oxford but full details are still TBC for that. But trust me it will be great. Oh Yes.

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