Dinosaurs, Boxes and Riots!

Hello! I don’t want this to be one of those blogs were the poster just apologises repeatedly for not posting for ages but, erm…sorry…

Anyway, a fair bit has happened so let me fill you in. First of all a downsized Tiger Mendoza consisting of Dan and I played a couple of gigs last month with a kind of best of Tiger Mendoza type set with me on controls and vocals and and Mr. O’Driscoll on guitar. To be honest we weren’t sure if it was going to work but it seemed to go down really well. The idea was a king of Amon Tobin / Soulwax type set with lots of TM tracks mixed together in to a continuous 30min mix with Dan playing guitar on top. I suppose it was like trying to convince people to mosh to a DJ set. Which they did. Which was nice. Cheers to Oxbox.tv for having us @ Fat Lil’s in Witney and to Fred Toon for letting play the 2nd and last Psychotechnic League night at The Wheatsheaf, Oxford. You can see some footage and an interview we did at Fat Lil’s by going to the video page. And talking of Mr. Toon…

I’ve been helping Fred and Jo and Tim from Space Heroes of the People (aka The Modernist Disco) put together a compilation of some our favourite Oxfordshire electronic acts which is coming out MONDAY 2ND MAY (with CDs to follow a week later). Here’s the cover:

We Do Not Have A Dinosaur

And here’s a list of the acts involved:
Death Of Hifi
King Of Beggars
Space Heroes Of The People
The Evenings
The Grudle Bay Riots
The Keyboard Choir
The Kinetic Wardrobe
The Manacles Of Acid
Tiger Mendoza
We Are Ugly….

There will be some CDs available too from Rapture Records and Truck Store. All profits from sales of the album will be going to the Red Cross Japanese Tsunami appeal. Go to via http://plmd.bandcamp.com for more info.

Oh and the Riots? More on that soon…

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