The Tiger Mendoaza 2016 C90ish


2016. What a year. Personally, locally, nationally and internationally….What. A. Year.
Thankfully the soundtrack was good. From my point of view, I’m very proud to have put out The Shadow with the brilliant David Griffiths and also helped put together the WDNHAD Vol. 2 compilation. There has also been tons of other great stuff to listen to as well which has made things a bit easier to swallow.
Streaming and download links after the jump.

Download Side A
Download Side B

Side A:
1 Intro by Tiger Mendoza
2 Bomber by Motörhead
3 Ready For The Magic by Honeyblood
4 Behemooth by Moulettes
5 Carry by Lucy Leave
6 Doomed User by Deftones
7 Don’t Hurt Yourself (Ft. Jack White) by Beyonce
8 Theme from Luke Cage by Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
9 Rebel, Rebel by David Bowie
10 Sexual Healing by Hot 8 Brass Band
11 Never Ending Circles by CHVRCHES
12 High Octane Party Banger by Shitwife
13 Sionara (Flights of Helios remix) by Maiians
14 Open Your Eyes by School of Seven Bells
15 Stranger Things by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

Side B:
1 Doing The Right Thing by Daughter
2 Supermoon by 65daysofstatic
3 Menu Theme (from Life is Strange) by Jonathan Morali
4 Red River Valley by Ags Connolly
5 Summer by Slate Hearts
6 Piano fire (feat. PJ Harvey) by Sparklehorse
7 1. 0_3-Fucksociety.mp3 (Mr. Robot) by Mac Quayle
8 Ghost by Halsey
9 Got It Good (feat. Craig David) by Kaytranada
10 Survival (Tiger Mendoza WIP) by Adrian younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
11 Burn The Witch by Radiohead
12 Never Be Like You (feat. Kai) by Flume
13 Get Down Brothers Vs. Notorious 3 by The Get Down Brothers (Skylan Brooks, Tremaine Brown, Jr.,Jaden Smith, Justice Smith, & Shameik Moore)
14 Masterclash by Kid Kin

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