FREE DOWNLOAD: Easy Tiger (with Sinister Sound Gallery)

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Hey everyone, hope you’re doing ok in the current circumstances. Given everything that’s been going on in the world right now I know things are pretty crazy and it’s pretty apparent that no one really knows how it’s all going to pan out. I guess we’ve all just got to hang in there.

Anyway, I’m really happy to say that Sinister Sound Gallery and I want to give our new track Easy Tiger to you for FREE. Yep, FREE. Was it a bit stupid to give a brand new track away for free on one of Bandcamp’s fee waiving days? Maybe. Don’t care though. Y’all deserve it.

As you may be aware, SSG and I have collaborated once before when I produced Golden Nugget Morning. That track was an interesting one as Jake had been jamming versions of it with his old band The Deadbeat Apostles for a while and I helped him polish it up and finish it off. Easy Tiger though is a brand new track that started with the same chat I had with Jake and Mike from The Deadbeats after we’d just seen the AMAZING Algiers live in Oxford.

I sent Jake some stems for a punk-ish track I was playing with to see if he wanted to do anything with it. Then, to be honest, I forgot I sent the stems to him. In the mean time he sent me back a bunch of guitars and an amazing vocal take from Mike which I just had to turn in to something new (with a bit of help from Pete on the keys and Tiece on vocals but she doesn’t know that). The result was “Easy Tiger”.

I’ve been playing it in my #IsolationWave streams on YouTube for a while and we even jammed a version live with Bruno Muerte just before lockdown kicked in but Jake and I wanted you guys to have it for free so that hopefully you can play it loud and maybe do a small strut around the house or while you’re doing your socially distanced shopping.

Lucy Leave – Talk Danish To Me (Tiger Mendoza Remix) [PWYL Download]

I’m not great with words but fortunately I’ve got friends who are. I did this remix for the brilliant Lucy Leave a while back and I’ve been playing it in DJ sets for a while but we weren’t really sure how to put it out. Due to recent events, now seems to be a good time to get it out there.

Download available from Bandcamp. All profits will be donated to Asylum Welcome.

DJ Set – The Wheatsheaf, 14th December 2019

This week’s been bit of a mad one for last minute gigs! After a fun full TM show supporting Pictish Trail on Tuesday I was asked if would do a DJ set at The Wheatsheaf the following Saturday supporting Mother and Flat Lager, The results of which you can hear below. Tracklisting and download links after the jump.

Modern Art Oxford – Yard Summer Session [Free Download]

I was fortunate enough to spend a lovely sunny afternoon playing tunes in the Modern Art Oxford yard before the brilliant Catgod took to the stage as part of the free Yard Summer Sessions which accompany the current exhibition by Claudette Johnson. It was also my first opportunity to properly road test the NI Traktor S2 Mk3 DJ controller which I got just before Christmas. I’ll do another post on the controller soon I think but mostly it worked well. Apart from 1 minor edit right at the start because I forgot to press record, this is a 100% live recording (including a small hiccup where I stopped the track…).

Cheers to everyone that boogied with us and said nice things. I’d love to do more DJ sets so if you’re interested get in contact using the contact form or on the usual social media channels. Tracklisting and Soundcloud link after the jump.

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Merry New Year 2018/19!

…or Compliments Of The Season as my family would say. I would normally do an end of year mix thingy and / or a free download but to be honest things have been a bit crazy in Mendoza land so unfortunately there’s no mix yet BUT I wanted to give you something so here’s a silly little beat I’ve been playing with.

And just because a feel bad about not doing a mixtape this year, here’s a special playlist with some of my favourite tracks of the year. Who knows, I may turn it in to an actual mixtape in the new year.

I’ve got to give a special mention to Laughing Lamb (aka Pete) who made one of my favourite albums of the year but hasn’t put it on Spotify. Listen / download on Bandcamp.