A catchup

What a buffoon I am. Seriously. I finally release an EP and no post on here to celebrate? Fool!

Seriously though, thank you to everyone that’s bought or listened to the EP and thank you to Nightshift for naming “Dark” as #15 track of the year in their annual top 25. Great way to end the year.

Remember CDs are still on sale at Truck Store in Oxford and online via all of the usual digital download and streaming outlets. Check out the Old Ideas page for more info.

I’m working on Old Ideas 2 at the moment which hopefully should be out early-ish 2018. Also there’s some big news coming. But I can’t tell you about that just yet so I’m going to tease a bit. Just a bit though.

Until next time then. Feel free to stop by and say Hi on Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook if you must.

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