Old Ideas 2 – Release details [Updated]

Update: The vinyl thing didn’t work out but never mind…


“If Old Ideas 1 was the night before, Old Ideas 2 is the morning after…So what now?”

Release date: 19th October 2018.

1. Corpus
2. Jazzer (feat. REELS)
3. Maverick Souls (feat. Asher Dust)
4. Wheedle Scratch (feat. Yaya Jojo) [Video]
5. Silly Boy (feat. Asher Dust)
6. So What (feat. Kid Kin)
7. Quiet My Heart (feat. Ian from Little Red)

8. Human (Bonus Track)
9. Maverick Souls (Unmastered Instrumental)
10. Silly Boy (Unmastered Instrumental)
11. So What (Unmastered Instrumental)
12. Quiet My Heart (Unmastered Instrumental)

Pre-order the Bandcamp Deluxe edition and you can download “Wheedle Scratch” (feat. Yaya Jojo) right now.

Prefer Vinyl? Then back the first ever Tiger Mendoza Crowdfunding campaign via Qrates!


To go in to production, the campaign needs 100 backers. If the campaign is successful: you get a shiny, black, 180g, copy of Old Ideas 2 on vinyl with a digital download card. If it’s not successful, you don’t get charged and we all move on with our lives.

Sounds good? Click here to find out more.

For more info and credits go to www.tigermendoza.co.uk/oldideas

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