Old Ideas 2 EP Launch set – Stream / Download

It still seems slightly crazy but Old Ideas 2 is finally out so to celebrate we had a little shindig at brilliant Truck Store where I played a bunch of tracks that influenced the whole Old Ideas project, tracks from the EP and a couple of brand new WIPs. Stream / download the set below.

01 Corpus (Less Manic Version) – Tiger Mendoza
02 Call It What You Want – Taylor Swift
03 So What Tiger Mendoza feat. Kid Kin
04 Chase Me (feat. Run The Jewels & Big Boi) – Dangermouse
05 We Were Set Up – Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, The Alchemist, Oh No & DJ Shadow
06 Standardized Collision – Max Blansjaar
07 Wonderwall (TM Remix) – Tiger Mendoza vs Ryan Adams
08 King’s Paradise (Instrumental) – Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
09 King’s Paradise – Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Rakim
10 Petals (Tiger Mendoza Remix) – Little Red
11 Terrible Lie – Nine Inch Nails
12 I Against I – Massive Attack and Mos Def
13 Wheedle Scratch – Tiger Mendoza feat. Yaya Jojo
14 I Know You Got Soul (Bassapella) – Eric B & Rakim
15 Maverick Soul (Live Edit) – Tiger Mendoza feat. Asher Dust
16 Silly Boy (Live Edit) – Tiger Mendoza feat. Asher Dust
17 Quiet My Heart – Tiger Mendoza feat. Ian from Little Red
18 Quiet My Heart (Remix) – Tiger Mendoza feat. Ian from Little Red
19 The Depths (Tiger Mendoza Remix) – Means Of Production
20 Natural Beat (feat. Asher Dust) – Tiger Mendoza
21 Missing You (CP Edit) – Tiger Mendoza feat. Half Decent
22 Process (Acapella) – Tiger Mendoza feat. Luke Allmond
23 Tainted Love – Marilyn Manson
24 Punch Bag (Skhellter Blacklabel Remix) – Tiger Mendoza feat. Half Decent
25 Sunday – Tiger Mendoza
26 Untitled New Beat – Tiger Mendoza
27 Tomorrow Never Knows (TM Stretch) – The Beatles
28 Vitamin C (TM Edit) – CAN
29 Talk Danish To Me (Tiger Mendoza Remix) – Lucy Leave
30 Bad Kingdom – Moderat
31 Leave a Trace (FourTet Remix) – Chvrches
32 Gun (Tiger Mendoza Bootleg Remix) – Chvrches
33 Signblind (Tiger Mendoza Unfinished Remix) – Limpet Space Race

The whole thing is also up on Mixcloud if that’s more you’re thing.

It’s kind of funny. The whole Old Ideas project is now pretty much done and that in itself is pretty bittersweet. The response has generally been pretty great and there will be gigs and stuff (hopefully) coming up soon so that more people can hear it but that’s pretty much it for Old Ideas. Did someone say New Ideas though…

One last massive Thank You to everyone that contributed to Old Ideas 1 and 2! In no particular order:

Kid Kin, Asher Dust, Ian Mitchell, Luke Allmond, REELS, Yaya Jojo, Daniel Clear, Lucy Vee, Pierquin and Half Decent.

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