Lego Batman with mic

Lego Batman AbletonLive Drum rack [Free Download] [Updated 23/08/16]

Lego Batman with mic

[Updated] Now includes samples from trailers 2 and 3 as well and moved the download to GitHub.

I Like Batman. I also like Ableton Live. I’m happy to be able to bring the 2 together. This little sample pack was made using Batman’s amazing beat boxing skills from the trailer. Demos and download link below.

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Xbox 360 Control pad + Ableton Live with Pure Data

As some of you may know, I created an interface using GlovePIE so that I could use an Xbox 360 control pad with Ableton Live in live sets. However when I upgraded to Windows 8 a little while back, the solution didn’t work so well so I’ve been looking for a new way to do the same thing ever since. Happily, as you can see from the video bellow, I’ve managed to create something very similar with Pure Data so I thought that I would share the results.
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Italy via Oxford – Making music with found sound

A little while back I was asked by the lovely people at if I wanted to create a track with some of the field recordings that have been uploaded to the site. The result was this track which used samples recorded in Italy and on Cornmarket Street in Oxford to create all of the instruments used.

I also made a couple of videos on how I made put the track together in (I know, the voice over is too quiet but it’s my first tutorial video. Go with it.)

And if you want to have a go at creating your own version, you can download the Ableton Live set from here. Enjoy.

Stylophone patch for Ableton Live – Free download


Hi. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while and I thought now was a good time to do it. In short, I’ve sampled my trusty Stylophone in to a usable as a Sampler and Simpler patch in Ableton live. My goal was to try and emulate the functions of the original device (with a couple of extra features) and, if I do say so myself, it’s turned out pretty well.

If you can’t wait and just want to go ahead and download it, here’s the link:
Ableton Live Stylophone Pad (Note: It will only work with Ableton Live 9+)

And here’s a quick demo:

Here’s a more detailed explanation:

The original Stylolophone has a note range from F#1 to C#3, 3 sound settings and a vibrato switch. I recorded all of the notes individually for each of the 3 sound settings but I extend out the F#1 down to C#-2 and the C#3 up to B5 to give it more range and usability. The pack has 2 different racks:

Stylo 1

This rack allows you to transition between the 3 sounds available using the dial on the top right and also has separate controls for delay and reverb.

Stylo 2

Stylophone 2 has the 3 sounds running in parallel and a single control for space (i.e. delay + reverb together).

So that’s it. I think the controls are pretty self explanatory but if you’ve got any questions or comments let me know. I would also love to hear what you do with it so feel free to leave a link or send me something via my Soundcloud Dropbox.