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Hi. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while and I thought now was a good time to do it. In short, I’ve sampled my trusty Stylophone in to a usable as a Sampler and Simpler patch in Ableton live. My goal was to try and emulate the functions of the original device (with a couple of extra features) and, if I do say so myself, it’s turned out pretty well.

If you can’t wait and just want to go ahead and download it, here’s the link:
Ableton Live Stylophone Pad (Note: It will only work with Ableton Live 9+)

And here’s a quick demo:

Here’s a more detailed explanation:

The original Stylolophone has a note range from F#1 to C#3, 3 sound settings and a vibrato switch. I recorded all of the notes individually for each of the 3 sound settings but I extend out the F#1 down to C#-2 and the C#3 up to B5 to give it more range and usability. The pack has 2 different racks:

Stylo 1

This rack allows you to transition between the 3 sounds available using the dial on the top right and also has separate controls for delay and reverb.

Stylo 2

Stylophone 2 has the 3 sounds running in parallel and a single control for space (i.e. delay + reverb together).

So that’s it. I think the controls are pretty self explanatory but if you’ve got any questions or comments let me know. I would also love to hear what you do with it so feel free to leave a link or send me something via my Soundcloud Dropbox.

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