2020 RMXS cover

Free / PWYL Download: 2020 RMXS

2020 RMXS cover

As proud and as happy as I was to release TMSk8 in November, I was also fortunate enough to remix tracks by a few other bands and artists this year. Some of the work on these remixes even influenced the way I made the tracks that ended up on TMSk8. So I thought I would package them all up as a special End of 2020 / Christmas time download on a free / PWYL basis on Bandcamp. The album collection can of course be downloaded for free (just enter 0 when prompted for a price) but any profits from donations will be donated to friends of TM, The Oxford Foodbank who do amazing work redistributing surplus food to charities and organisations that can use it and educating people on food waste. Here’s a bit of background on each of the tracks.

  1. Tiger Mendoza & Kate Herridge – Words (Dub Mix)Original
    When I started playing Words live at a couple of gigs I started doing some live dubs on the vocals which sounded kind of cool so I thought a full dub mix, or at least my interpretation of dub, would be fun.
  2. Abandon – Fear Of The Future (Dub Mix)Original
    OK this remix was technically completed in 2019 but wasn’t released until 2020 soooooo…….counts? Anyway I’ve known Umair for a little while and when he asked me to do a remix of a track for a new single release I was happy to help out. Originally I was going to turn in in a more of a DnB track but I made a half time dub as well for giggles. When I sent them both to Umair he chose to go with the Dub mix which I think was the right choice. The DnB remix, which has never been released before, is included in this collection as well as I think it’s still pretty cool.
  3. Octavia Freud – Smoke & Mirrors (Tiger Mendoza Remix)Original
    This remix was made right at the start of 2020 before, well, 2020 really happened. Octavia Freud (aka Martin) did a great remix of “And Then…” for the New Ideas album so when he asked me to remix one of his tracks I was happy to return the favour. Sound wise, it’s almost got a kind of punk / nowave feel but with breaks. Always with breaks.
  4. Smilex – X (Tiger Mendoza Remix)Original
    Long-time fans of TM will know that Lee Christian (frontman for Smilex) and Tiger Mendoza go back quite a while with Lee being one of the first acts to collaborate with Tiger Mendoza on “Don’t Hate Me” on the first TM album “Aim For The Head”. Lee got in touch to ask if I would be up remixing a classic Smilex track to celebrate their anniversary which I was more than happy to do. To be honest I wasn’t sure what to do with it at first but then after playing with the stems for a while I picked the guitar apart and created a 90’s Bjork / Trip Hop style remix which worked out pretty well.
  5. Low Island – Search Box (Tiger Mendoza Remix)Original
    Low Island graciously offered the stems for their single Search Box during lockdown 1 to anyone that wanted them and made some kind of joke around making a Drum and Bass remix. Around that time I got back into the excellent Forza Horizon 4 (and in particular my favourite in game radio station from DnB legends Hospital Records) so I took them at their word and came up with this remix.
  6. Julia Meijer – Train Ticket (Tiger Mendoza Remix)Original
    This may win the award for quickest turn around time for a TM remix ever. Julia got in touch to ask if I’d fancy doing a remix of her song Train Ticket which she planned on releasing on the next Bandcamp day 2 weeks away and would giving the profits to charity. I agreed and created what is probably my most EDM-like track to date. Not that there’s anything wrong with EDM. If used in moderation. When I handed it in Julia said “I will dance to this song every day from now on!”. I do hope that’s true.
  7. Bruno Muerte – Geiger (Tiger Mendoza Remix)
    Bini and Stephano have been mates for a while and were even due to play with Tiger Mendoza at the abandoned vinyl single launch back in March. They asked if I would remix one of the tracks from their excellent Parallellism EP so I picked this one. It was mostly done pretty quickly after picking the guitars apart but it worked out well. I kind of thought that it belonged in a game like Outrun so I made this video to go with it.
  8. Breezewax – There For Ya (Tiger Mendoza Remix)Original
    Breezewax did a brilliant remix of Jazzer on New Ideas which I play a lot in my DJ sets so when he asked if I would remix one of the tracks from his new album “Help For Healing” I was more than happy to. My remix owes a lot to producers like Clams Casino and Schlomo but I really like the key change at the end of the original so I made sure I kept it in my mix and pinched the idea for Ja El Beat from TMSk8.

Nightshift 2020 Top 30 [Updated 9th Dec]

Well 2020’s been a hell of a year hasn’t it? Thankfully there’s been some really great music from across the board to keep us all company during various lockdowns and the lovely folk a Nightshift (i.e. Ronan) has put together a special 1-off issue to tell the story of how musicians, venues and promoters around Oxford have dealt with the pandemic which you can download from http://nightshiftmag.co.uk.

The issue also features Nightshift’s annual end of year list of top tracks of the year which I am very happy to say Tiger Mendoza and Kate Herridge feature in at number 16! As a companion piece here’s list of links to all of the acts involved:

If streaming is more your thing you can find a Spotify version here and a YouTube version here although bear in mind that not all of the acts are on Spotify so it doesn’t contain the whole top 30.

I’m hoping to rustle up a sneaky little surprise for Christmas but until then take care, stay safe and as always thanks for listening!

Update: Now includes original version of Julia Sophie’s “xOx”

TMSk8: The Mixtape – Release Details

Ok here it is. I made a lockdown album. I didn’t mean to but hey, it was something do between sitting at home and binging Cobra Kai on Netflix. Oh and playing THPS 1+2. Obviously.

The idea of doing a Mixtape based around ‘boarding games like THPS, Skate and SSX has been something I’ve actually been thinking of doing for a while – way before the new game was even announced. It’s just good timing I guess.

The album will be available from Bandcamp on Friday 6th November (which also happens to be the next Bandcamp Day) and then all of the usual streaming services a couple of weeks later. “But Ian / Tiger / Whatever, why would I download it from Bandcamp when I can stream it on Spotify alongside my favourite Pixies / S Club 7 album?” I hear you ask. Well…

  • The Bandcamp deluxe release will include 2 tracks (“TMSk8” and “Futurist Car Chase”) which will get as soon as you pre-order the album
  • The Bandcamp version comes with instrumentals for all the vocal tracks.
  • The price for the whole thing will be £5 which probably less than it will be on other download sites.
  • It comes with expanded sleeve notes and artwork inspired by the release created by Mila Todd.
  • I genuinely believe that Bandcamp are one of the good guys in terms of music distribution and the support they’ve offered to bands and music makers over the past few months has been amazing.

A MASSIVE thank you to all of the people that have featured or contributed to this album in some way. Here’s the tracklisting:

All platforms:
Bomberg Redux (feat. Red Wilkins)
Easy Tiger (feat. Sinister Sound Gallery & Mike Ginger)
Oppressor (You Don’t Know) (feat. Mila Todd)
Exhibition (feat. Stuart Macbeth)
KPS (feat. Half Decent)
Masks (feat. Daniel Clear)
Words (feat. Kate Herridge)
Ja El Beat
Fear of Falling (feat. Emma Coombs)
Antisocial Media (TM vs Restructure)
Fighting Firm (feat. Phi Project)
Skate Free (feat. Octavia Freud)
Beautiful People

Bandcamp only:
TMSk8 (Bonus Track)
Futurist Car Chase (Bonus Track)
Easy Tiger (Instrumental)
Exhibition (Alt Mix)
Oppressor (You Don’t Know) (Instrumental)
KPS (Instrumental)
Words (Instrumental)
FOMO (Instrumental)
Fear of Falling (Instrumental)
Antisocial Media (Instrumental)
Beautiful People (Instrumental)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Easy Tiger (with Sinister Sound Gallery)

Download links:
Bandcamp: https://tigermendoza.bandcamp.com/album/easy-tiger
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tigermendoza/sets/tiger-mendoza-sinister-sound-gallery-easy-tiger-feat-mike-ginger-free-download

Hey everyone, hope you’re doing ok in the current circumstances. Given everything that’s been going on in the world right now I know things are pretty crazy and it’s pretty apparent that no one really knows how it’s all going to pan out. I guess we’ve all just got to hang in there.

Anyway, I’m really happy to say that Sinister Sound Gallery and I want to give our new track Easy Tiger to you for FREE. Yep, FREE. Was it a bit stupid to give a brand new track away for free on one of Bandcamp’s fee waiving days? Maybe. Don’t care though. Y’all deserve it.

As you may be aware, SSG and I have collaborated once before when I produced Golden Nugget Morning. That track was an interesting one as Jake had been jamming versions of it with his old band The Deadbeat Apostles for a while and I helped him polish it up and finish it off. Easy Tiger though is a brand new track that started with the same chat I had with Jake and Mike from The Deadbeats after we’d just seen the AMAZING Algiers live in Oxford.

I sent Jake some stems for a punk-ish track I was playing with to see if he wanted to do anything with it. Then, to be honest, I forgot I sent the stems to him. In the mean time he sent me back a bunch of guitars and an amazing vocal take from Mike which I just had to turn in to something new (with a bit of help from Pete on the keys and Tiece on vocals but she doesn’t know that). The result was “Easy Tiger”.

I’ve been playing it in my #IsolationWave streams on YouTube for a while and we even jammed a version live with Bruno Muerte just before lockdown kicked in but Jake and I wanted you guys to have it for free so that hopefully you can play it loud and maybe do a small strut around the house or while you’re doing your socially distanced shopping.

An (early) Christmas gift from Tiger Mendoza + Half Decent

Earlier this year, Half Decent and I worked on a track which we were really happy with but for one reason or another we decided to hold off putting out. So here you go. As a b-side, there’s an acoustic version of our earlier collaboration “Punch Bag”, originally from the Monsters & Miracles EP, which started off as a demo for Theoretical’s CLIC Sargent fundraiser back in September.

The single is available to download now from Bandcamp on a free / PWYL basis and SoundCloud. Enjoy, tell your friends and don’t let the Christmas shopping get you too stressed.

Happy 2014!

So we’re at 2014 eh? That seems very futuristic.

Hope that you all had a good festive season and are gently easing in to this year. Just a quick update to highlight a few things you may want to check out:


LIBRE out NOW!!! + Competition to win a ticket to DJ Shadow on Thursday!

Yes you’ve read that right. Go listen and download our new ep for FREE from https://www.tigermendoza.co.uk/libre.

We’re really happy with it and the response to the previews that have gone out so far have been great. We’ll be giving out a very limited number of CDs at the gig on thursday as well.

That’s not all though. We’re giving away a ticket to the DJ Shadow gig at the O2 Academy, Oxford this Thursday (which by the way we’re also playing at) to one lucky downloader! To win, once you’ve signed up to download the ep, add a comment to this post saying “I WANT TO GO SEE DJ SHADOW!” and we’ll pick a name out of the proverbial hat. Simple.

A couple of rules though:

  • One entry per person please
  • We can’t provide transport so you’ll have to be able to make you’re own way to the O2, Oxford.
  • Winner will be selected tomorrow (Tuesday 6th December) at 9pm.

Good luck!

2 new remixes for FREE download!

In honour of our next gig at The O2 Academy next Saturday, we thought we would give people a small taster of what they can expect from our set so, ladies and gentlemen, we present a little 2 track free download called ‘Take Our Their Legs’.
The 2 tracks are a dub mix of The Circus and a ‘Live’ mix of My House which were both on Aim For the Head.
Downloads available from Bandcamp in a variety of different formats and Soundcloud as 192kbps MP3s. Let us know what you think and tell your friends.

Oh, and just checking, your all coming the *amazing* gig happening next Saturday yeah? Good. Just checking.