TMSk8: The Mixtape – Release Details

Ok here it is. I made a lockdown album. I didn’t mean to but hey, it was something do between sitting at home and binging Cobra Kai on Netflix. Oh and playing THPS 1+2. Obviously.

The idea of doing a Mixtape based around ‘boarding games like THPS, Skate and SSX has been something I’ve actually been thinking of doing for a while – way before the new game was even announced. It’s just good timing I guess.

The album will be available from Bandcamp on Friday 6th November (which also happens to be the next Bandcamp Day) and then all of the usual streaming services a couple of weeks later. “But Ian / Tiger / Whatever, why would I download it from Bandcamp when I can stream it on Spotify alongside my favourite Pixies / S Club 7 album?” I hear you ask. Well…

  • The Bandcamp deluxe release will include 2 tracks (“TMSk8” and “Futurist Car Chase”) which will get as soon as you pre-order the album
  • The Bandcamp version comes with instrumentals for all the vocal tracks.
  • The price for the whole thing will be £5 which probably less than it will be on other download sites.
  • It comes with expanded sleeve notes and artwork inspired by the release created by Mila Todd.
  • I genuinely believe that Bandcamp are one of the good guys in terms of music distribution and the support they’ve offered to bands and music makers over the past few months has been amazing.

A MASSIVE thank you to all of the people that have featured or contributed to this album in some way. Here’s the tracklisting:

All platforms:
Bomberg Redux (feat. Red Wilkins)
Easy Tiger (feat. Sinister Sound Gallery & Mike Ginger)
Oppressor (You Don’t Know) (feat. Mila Todd)
Exhibition (feat. Stuart Macbeth)
KPS (feat. Half Decent)
Masks (feat. Daniel Clear)
Words (feat. Kate Herridge)
Ja El Beat
Fear of Falling (feat. Emma Coombs)
Antisocial Media (TM vs Restructure)
Fighting Firm (feat. Phi Project)
Skate Free (feat. Octavia Freud)
Beautiful People

Bandcamp only:
TMSk8 (Bonus Track)
Futurist Car Chase (Bonus Track)
Easy Tiger (Instrumental)
Exhibition (Alt Mix)
Oppressor (You Don’t Know) (Instrumental)
KPS (Instrumental)
Words (Instrumental)
FOMO (Instrumental)
Fear of Falling (Instrumental)
Antisocial Media (Instrumental)
Beautiful People (Instrumental)

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