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Hey everyone, hope you’re doing ok in the current circumstances. Given everything that’s been going on in the world right now I know things are pretty crazy and it’s pretty apparent that no one really knows how it’s all going to pan out. I guess we’ve all just got to hang in there.

Anyway, I’m really happy to say that Sinister Sound Gallery and I want to give our new track Easy Tiger to you for FREE. Yep, FREE. Was it a bit stupid to give a brand new track away for free on one of Bandcamp’s fee waiving days? Maybe. Don’t care though. Y’all deserve it.

As you may be aware, SSG and I have collaborated once before when I produced Golden Nugget Morning. That track was an interesting one as Jake had been jamming versions of it with his old band The Deadbeat Apostles for a while and I helped him polish it up and finish it off. Easy Tiger though is a brand new track that started with the same chat I had with Jake and Mike from The Deadbeats after we’d just seen the AMAZING Algiers live in Oxford.

I sent Jake some stems for a punk-ish track I was playing with to see if he wanted to do anything with it. Then, to be honest, I forgot I sent the stems to him. In the mean time he sent me back a bunch of guitars and an amazing vocal take from Mike which I just had to turn in to something new (with a bit of help from Pete on the keys and Tiece on vocals but she doesn’t know that). The result was “Easy Tiger”.

I’ve been playing it in my #IsolationWave streams on YouTube for a while and we even jammed a version live with Bruno Muerte just before lockdown kicked in but Jake and I wanted you guys to have it for free so that hopefully you can play it loud and maybe do a small strut around the house or while you’re doing your socially distanced shopping.

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