Missing On The Motorway WINS!!!!

First of all Happy New Year to you all! I found out today that my little bootleg has been selected as one of 2 winners of the first DJ Shadow remix competition! I am an exceptionally happy bunny!

The only problem is I’ve hit my download limit for the track on Soundcloud so here’s another download link:
DJ Shadow vs EBTG – Missing On The Motorway

It’s also been posted in the bootlegs part of the site. The other winner was NiT GriT’s brilliant reworking of Shadow’s Building Steam With a Grain of salt which you can listen to here.

Cheers to everyone that’s listened and downloaded and especially to the Djshadow.com team for selecting my mix. Helena said she’s up for trying to recreate “Missing…” live when we finally get to play live (which we’re hoping to do later this year) so I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

New Boot: DJ Shadow vs EBTG

Finished off the bootleg / Remix I mentioned in the last post:

Always liked the way the 2 songs worked together in quite a dark way so it came together quite quickly. Added some beats of my own too.

[Update 18/11/09] Just found out I got this comment on soundcloud

“The rare mash-up that creates an entirely new take on both source tracks, awesome job”

– DJ Shadow

I honestly don’t think I could be more chuffed! 😀

‘It’s Britney, Mixed!’ Now Live!

Hi Y’all!

I just thought I’d say that the unofficial Britney remix album It’s Britney, Mixed! has gone live. Well played to everyone that remixed, mashed up and rejigged Ms. Spears’ tunes for the project and especially to World Famous Audio Hacker for putting the whole thing together.


Britney cover

Calvin Harris vs Thom Yorke [Update]

In lieu of me actually getting round to creating some new original music and finally creating a new theme for the blog, here’s a new bootleg.

Calvin Harris vs Thom Yorke – I’m Not The Eraser
[Update] I was a little hungover when I mixed the last version. This one should be better.
Calvin Harris vs Thom Yorke – I’m Not The Eraser (mix 2)


I’ve been listening to Annie Mac’s Mashup radio show for a little while now and generally the bit I’m waiting for is the minimix – 5mins where a DJ, producer or band make a musical collage of stuff that has influenced them or that they’re listening to at the moment. Here’s my go:

Tiger Mendoza – Minimix (v2)
Prodigy – No good (start the dance)
Primal Scream – Movin’ on up
Lion – Transformers theme
Pendulum – Propane nightmares
QOTSA – No-one knows (UNKLE remix)
Burial – Archangel
DJ Shadow – High noon
The Chemical Brothers – Setting Sun (Live version)
The Beatles – Tomorrow never knows
The Evenings – I Didn’t remember
Iggy Pop – Lust for life
NiN – Perfect Drug (Acapella)
Foo Fighters – Everlong
RHCP – Under the bridge
Kings of convenience – I don’t know what… (Mojib remix)
The Herbaliser – On your knees
Orbital & Kirk Hammett – Satan
Squarepusher – My Red hot car
David Holmes – Radio 7
Union of Knives – Opposite direction
The Knack – My Sharona

(update 02/11: Sorry, couldn’t resist making a couple of minor tweaks!)

“I like it when I see 2 worlds collide…”

So I seem to have gotten back in to making bootlegs recently instead of finishing off the proper Tiger Mendoza demo that I’ve been trying to finish for ages now (almost there now though honest..). When I was on the way home from a mate’s wedding a couple of weeks ago I came up with an idea so here’s the result:

Hometown Lopez (Adele & High Contrast / 808 State & James Dean Bradfield)

Feel free to leave any comments.


I thought I’d put some of files back up that were on the last version of the site but wanted to separate them out a bit. So, if you look over to the left you’ll see a link to ‘Music‘ and some of the bits and pieces I’ve put together on pages below it. There’s also the first version of a new Adele / 808 state bootleg on the bootlegs page for you to enjoy. May still need a bit a bit mre tweaking but ah well, it’s up now. I’ll re-jig it soon.

For some reason I’ve also signed up for the Orange unisigned act / pop idol type thing for a bit of a laugh. Not sure why but feel free to look at my rad new page.

Lastly howdy to anyone that’s arrived here from the GYBO forum, hope you like what you find.