Tiger Mendoza AND David Griffiths (aka setting the record straight)

My latest album The Shadow has been available online for about a month and it’s fair to say that David Griffiths and I have been a bit overwhelmed by all of the lovely comments and responses that we have had from various people since it came out. There is something that I wanted to make clear though.

This album and pretty much everything to do with it (apart from the amazing artwork by Ian Norris) has been a collaboration between Dave and myself as equal 50/50 partners. Some people have been alluding to the fact that they think that this may be Tiger Mendoza featuring someone else or even with someone else but that just isn’t the case. The specifics on a track by track basis are lost in the mists of time but Dave and I exchanged many ideas and not all of the ideas made it on to the album but we both pushed each other to come up with new ideas throughout the making of the album. It’s also fair to say that if you are familiar with the stuff that we have both produced individually the bits and pieces that we did come up with on each track may surprise you a little. When we started working together to produce Along Dangerous Roads the remit was I do beats, Dave does strings. This time the lines were a lot more blurred. We did talk to a few other people about some guest spots but for one reason or another they didn’t work out. Maybe next time.

It’s not just about the music either. For better or for worse (I think for the better) we produced and released the album ourselves with no external agencies, labels or management involved and the efforts to do so were once again split about 50/50 between Dave and I. So again, this project has been a real collaboration between the 2 of us.

That’s not to say that there was no external support at all. While the album was being produced we (I) played it to a few people and received lots of really helpful feedback. To all of those people, THANK YOU but especially to Mark Wilden who not only is a brilliant drummer and been a great support while helping to prepare for the launch gig on 23rd April but is also responsible for Dave and I meeting up when were practising for The Evenings reunion gig a little while back. So cheers!

So anyway that’s it. Thanks for reading and listening.

The Shadow - gig poster

The Shadow – Out Now!!! [Updated]

New album with David Griffiths with art by Ian Norris available to buy now on iTunes, AmazonGoogle Play and Bandcamp.

Streamable on Spotify and Deezer.

Also watch out for launch gig at Fusion Arts, Oxford on Saturday 23rd April. Standard tickets are available from here with special ticket + album bundles available here. Advance tickets no longer available but there will be more available on the door!


The Shadow - gig poster

The Shadow cover

New Album: Tiger Mendoza + David Griffiths – The Shadow [Updated]

The Shadow cover

[Update: The album is out on 11th March. More details here]

Happy New Year! We may not be Kanye or Taylor but here’s the cover art for the new album from myself and David Griffiths by the brilliant Ian Norris. The tracklisting is:

  1. Concentration
  2. The Shadow
  3. Beat The Bug
  4. Careers for Girls
  5. Colossal Fossil Fight
  6. Knockout Crooks
  7. Pie Face
  8. Ghost Castle
  9. Spider and the Fly
  10. Park and Shop

We had a lot of fun making Along Dangerous Roads so we wanted to expand on what we did for that release and take things a bit further. The release date for the physical and digital versions are coming soon and we’re working on a launch gig but I couldn’t wait any more to get this out so here you go. Stay tuned for more info.

An update

Ok brace yourselves, this could be a long one.

You may have noticed that there have been a few changes around the site and on various social media channels. That’s to go with the changes that there have been behind the scenes which I’ll try to explain here.

Without going in to any ridiculous details, the “band”, if you could ever really call it that, that we once were, is no more. The reason being that for a band to be a band, there really needs to be more than 1 person involved and that’s just not the case any more. Just so we are all absolutely 100% clear, there was no big fight or anything ridiculous like that but Dan and Helena have decided to do some other things with their lives which means that they can’t do TM stuff so much any more and I genuinely couldn’t be happier for them. Seriously. It kind of goes without saying though that if the opportunity ever came up do play with either or both of them again, either separately or together I would jump on it. TM would NOT be what it is today, whatever that is, without them and they remain really, really, really good friends. They’ll be back, I’m sure. I’m just not sure when.

So where does that leave me? Well I did consider stopping this whole silly Tiger Mendoza thing altogether but thinking about it a bit more, I just don’t want to. Why would I? I still love making music and doing gigs and it’s not like I haven’t done solo remixes and gigs in the past. So Tiger Mendoza stays, but it just needs to change shape a bit. Which I think is healthy in the long run.

So what’s next? Well I currently have 1.5 / 2 projects that I would LOVE you to hear by the end of 2015. One is a second collection of tunes with the legendary Dave Griffiths and one is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but haven’t been able to until now. But trust me you’ll like it. Honest.

I’m not going to pretend that we have any kind of mega huge fan base but I do appreciate all of the support that we’ve received so far. Thank You! Feel free to get in touch via Twitter, the contact page or even Instagram (Please not Facebook though, the fan page messaging is rubbish).

There WILL be new stuff for you to listen to soon, trust me. Stay tuned.



2014 Mixtape

The annual TM C90 is here to bring together as many musical highlights as I can in to two 45 minute sides. As with previous years, this isn’t about music that has come out this year but music that I’ve discovered or meant something at key points of 2014. Enjoy.

Side A:

Download (71 MB)

1 Intro by Tiger Mendoza
2 Delorean Dynamite by Todd Terje
3 Cheap Talk by Death From Above 1979
4 Little Monster by Royal Blood
5 Sad Robot Goes Funny by Squarepusher X Z-Machines
6 The Motherload by Mastodon
7 minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix] by Aphex Twin
8 Punch Bag (Blacklabel Round 1 Mix) by Tiger Mendoza
9 Papi Pacify by FKA Twigs
10 West Coast (Camo & Krooked Remix) by Lana Del Rey
11 Crystals (Original Mix) by Alix Perez
12 Along Dangerous Roads (170 VIP) by Tiger Mendoza & David Griffiths
13 Theme from “Bullitt” by Lalo Schiffrin

Side B:

Download (71MB)

1 Midnight City by M83 (for Dan and Abi)
2 The Slow Drug (Spitzer Unofficial remix) by Spitzer x PJ Harvey
3 Prurient by ††† (Crosses)
4 Feral Love by Chelsea Wolfe
5 Terminal by dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip
6 Am I Safe by Ryan Adams
7 To Love Somebody by Bee Gees
8 Who Put The Bomp? by Barry Mann (for Tom O’Brien)
9 Underworld by Brody Dalle
10 The Last Time I Saw Paris by Manic Street Preachers
11 Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar) by Flying Lotus
12 Greatest Day by Take That (for Helena and Neil)
13 Paranoid by Black Sabbath

Along Dangerous Roads cover

Mendoza and Griffiths – Along Dangerous Roads [Updated]


[Update 15/10/14] You can now pre-order the CD and Download versions of the EP from Bandcamp.Tiger_Mendoza_cover_web

I’m really happy to officially announce ‘Along Dangerous Roads’, the new collaborative EP between Tiger Mendoza and David Griffiths. Following a conversation over computer games and soundtracks, we decided that we would try out a few tracks and see what happened. The result was this 6 track collection which blends our separate musical influences in to an ep we’re both very proud of. The tracklisting is:

  1. Now That Days Are Colder
  2. In Desperate Times
  3. Along Dangerous Roads
  4. Eating Crayons
  5. Literature and Life
  6. Home Is The Sailor

The artwork is by Ian Norris, writer and artist of the brilliant independent comic Fixed Up. The EP will be released in standard CD + download and download only editions but also as a special poster and download edition as well. To launch the EP, we’re doing a very special launch gig on Saturday 25th October at The Wheatsheaf, Oxford with support from the brilliant Motion Static. Check out the gigs page for more info and ticket details.

To coincide with the release, the site has had a bit of a facelift. Hopefully the new layout should make things a bit easier to find but if you do happen to stumble on to any problems, feel free to get in touch.