Remixes, etc

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while but now that SoundCloud have removed the limits on accounts, I thought it was about time.

The set below is a collection of pretty much every (official and unofficial) remix that I created from 2005 to date. Unbelievably that’s over 4 hours worth of tunes. Crazy.

Most are downloadable but if you ask nicely at one of out upcoming gigs you may be able to get a CD with all of them on. Saves bandwidth anyway. Enjoy!

Oxjam @ The Oxford Castle: THANK YOU!!! [Update]

Oxjam banner

It’s safe to say that the gig was a genuine success which to be honest I’m still a bit amazed about. All of the feedback so far has been incredibly positive and there was really a great atmosphere. In total the gig raised £416.57 for Oxfam which is just brilliant and Dan and I are just amazed with everyone’s generosity. I’ve been told that I’ve been saying thank you a little bit too much but we wanted to put together one last post to say Thank You to everyone that helped us out:

The Bands:
The Half Rabbits, Phantom Theory, The Prohibition Smokers Club, Helena, Swindlestock and Kt and Ky,

Sarah Mayhew (from The Oxford Castle for letting us do the gig at the castle in the first place) and Helen Statham (for letting us move the gig to The O3 Gallery with one day to go), and The Real China.

Mel Skinner, Sarah Kenway, Ashleigh Toll, Mez Flint for minding the bar and helping us tidy up afterwards (+ the rest of the Oxjam crew!)

Stu Smith, Mark Wilden, Neil Smith, for loaning us the audio equipment

And everyone that braved the rain to come along, listen to some great music and donate!

There are some pictures up on the pictures page and Dan Paxton has some up on his Flickr profile. There may even be some video soon too. Dan and I have already started talking about whether or not we’ll do it again. We shall see….

Please keep supporting Oxfam and Oxjam and good luck to anyone else that’s organising an Oxjam gig this year!

Ian and Dan

Oxjam Logo

[Updated 02/09/10] Now with Video!

Oxjam @ Oxford Castle [Update]

This is very exciting. Dan and I have been thinking about putting on an Oxjam gig somewhere in Oxford and the lovely people at The Oxford Castle have said that we can put on there as part of their summer acoustic nights on Wednesday 25th August from 7pm to 10pm. Win!

Lined up to play are:

‘How much will this wondrous event cost?’ you ask. Well, nothing. That’s right entry will be FREE. But we will collecting money for Oxfam and our fund raising target is £100 so any and all donations will be very much appreciated. We’re also hoping to arrange some food and drink promos but that’s still tbc. We’ve just had confirmation that The Real China will be offering discounts on cocktails and food for everyone that donates. Isn’t that nice of them?

Here’s the Oxjam event page. See you there.

Oxjam logo The Oxford Castle
Oxjam @ Oxford Castle