8tracks (and then some) of goodness

Now that muxtape has morphed in to a portal for bands, a fair few different sites have tried to replace it with similar mixtape style functionality. In my humble opinion the best so far is 8tracks. A nice clean interface, simple concept and some brilliant mixes by it’s users with high quality audio. They look to be a bit more prepared than muxtape (I think a lot of sites learned from the mistakes muxtape made) so hopefully it’ll be around for while. Here’s my first attempt at an 8tracks ‘mixtape’:


Juno – High Noon
Vienna Teng – Idioteque
The Black Keys – I’m Glad
M. Ward – Let’s Dance
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. – Without You
Ryan Adams – Times Like These
The Dismemberment Plan – Crush
Jeff Buckley – Satisfied Mind
Antony & The Jonsons – Knockin’ On Heavens Door
A Camp – I Can Buy You
Sparklehorse – Shade And Honey
Cake – I Will Survive
Cat Power – New York

If you post your own, let me know. Should have a couple of TM originals ready for you soon too…

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