Erm…Happy 2009!

Hello. Let’s say this is the first PROPER POST of 2009 shall we? The last one was just me getting excited about the Watchmen film. Again. So how are you all? Doing well. That’s nice.

First of all a quick site update. I’ve recently had to move the blog to a slightly different bit of the internet and, shock horror, I now have to actually start paying for my webspace. I do want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Sam Shelton who’s been hosting this site and the Toy #1 site for me pretty much since day 1. I have to say it is quite cool though to actually ‘own’ now but’s that’s more geek-ery than anything else. Moving the site around has meant changing a couple of things behind the scenes so if you do spot any links not working or anything else weird please let me know.

As for new music, the start of 2009 was weird because once I got back from a brilliant holiday, I found it really difficult to create anything I thought was good and wanted to continue. I think I’m coming out of it now though and there’s a couple new things which need a little tweaking but should be ready very shortly (including a couple of new songs with Helena) and maybe even some gigs. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve also been thing of adding a style regular podcast to the site but we’ll see.

Untill next time then, here’s something I started right at end of 2008 and tweaked today.

Perfect Love (Nine Inch Nails ‘Blend’)

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