New old remixes to kick off 2012!

As Eddie Murphy once said, “Merry New Year!“. We hope you all had a lovely seasonal break (and if you were working, hopefully it wasn’t too painful). My time off gave a chance to go through some old stuff and dust a couple of things down. So to that extent, I’ve updated some old remixes in a slightly George Lucas style (only without the shit pointless fx) and finished off a couple of new new-ish remixes from last year for your downloading pleasure. Here you go:

Thank you to all of the people that have allowed their tracks to be tinkered with. I just hope I’ve done them justice! I’m actually already working on a couple of new (and official!) remixes which will be out soon but more news on that soon. Other things coming up in 2012 are new music (including more collaborations with Death of Hifi, Asher Dust and The Half Rabbits) and more live dates. Last year was brilliant and here’s to hoping that continues in to this year!

Cheers, Ian

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