Remixes, etc

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while but now that SoundCloud have removed the limits on accounts, I thought it was about time. The set below is a collection of pretty much every (official and unofficial) remix that I created from 2005 to date. Unbelievably that’s over 4 hours worth of tunes. Crazy. […]

ep0 + Toy #1 gig

The previously mentioned demo thing is now up to 5 tracks:   Untitled 1 Untitled 2 No Heroes Left Wait for Tomorrow Take It’s not quite finished yet so no downloads just yet (I have 2 songs called Untitled for Bob’s sake!) but there will be soon.    On another note Toy #1 have finished […]

New Toy #1 demo

You may have seen this: Don’t ignore it. Yes Toy #1 have a new demo. Hoorah. And maybe a gigs. Hooray. And (whisper it) a Tiger Mendoza demo soon……Oooooooohhhhhh…….. There will be more audio soon. Oh yes. I have the urge. Oh and there’s this: Toy #1 vs Tiger Mendoza – Lessons (remix)