Orion / Sandman – THANK YOU!

When I started on this project in December 2021, I had absolutely zero expectations about what it would raise or achieve. If you want the long version of how the whole thing came about, you can read about it on the Orion / Sandman Bandcamp page and listen back to the interview I did with the folks at BBC Introducing in Oxfordshire but the short version is that it was a fairly stupid thing I put together with some amazing people in remembrance of a friend.

Orion / Sandman came out on Friday 2nd December and to date has raised £220 for Katharine House Hospice in Banbury via donations on the bandcamp page and I know some people have donated directly to the hospice which is totally fair enough (and you can also do here). I know there’s a lot going in the world right now but I just want to say how much I appreciate all of the support it has received so far from everyone that has donated, downloaded, commented, retweeted, and featured the project in any way. I also want to say a particular thank you to Gabby and the rest of Dan’s family for all of their support as well.

This project would not have been what it is without the support of all of the musicians that helped out. Please do yourself a favour and check them out via the links below:

As of today, Orion / Sandman is 100% free to download – no email or donation required, just go here to download. I do still ask though that if you can, please continue to donate directly to Katharine House Hospice.

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