Tiger Mendoza vs The Evenings – Free downloads!

You may remember that back in February, we did a very special one-off gig with The Evenings in Oxford with lots of friends and an expanded Tiger Mendoza line up featuring Mark Wilden  from The Evenings on drums and live vocals from Asher Dust and Michael Weatherburn from The Half Rabbits. I’m really happy to say that recordings are available for all 3 sets from that night and you can download them all for free! Links and details below.

  1. Tiger Mendoza vs The Evenings – Download (36MB)
    1. O Superman
    2. Mission To Moscow
    3. See For (Tiger Mendoza remix)
  2. Tiger Mendoza – Download (126MB)
    1. Hope Sick
    2. Prometheus Unbound (with Michael Weatherburn)
    3. My House
    4. Lovesick Vandal (Drum & Bass version) (with Asher Dust)
    5. Banter
    6. Dawn that Never Comes
    7. Gasoline (false start)
    8. Gasoline (with Michael Weatherburn)
  3. The Evenings – Download (153MB)
    1. I Didn’t Remember
    2. Music That Doesn’t Remind me of Her
    3. Maybe it’s too late
    4. Fizzy Piss
    5. Paste
    6. Confuse And Destroy
    7. See For pts 1&2
    8. Obvious Clocks
    9. Let’s Go

A massive thanks to Mark for supplying the recordings, everyone that played on the night and everyone that came down to see us. Genuinely one of the most tiring but fun gigs we’ve ever done!

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