New Track: Futurist Car Chase

Surprise! I released a new track on to streaming services and Bandcamp today. There’s a bit of a story to it but if you’re not fussed and just want the track here’s some links:


So anyway, the story. A few weeks a go a competition was launched to create a score for a car chase scene from the upcoming third season of Westworld. Having wanted to get in to scoring for a while I but never really knew how to, I jumped at the opportunity.

Turns out that it’s pretty tricky!

I obviously have been creating music for a while now in different forms but writing to video and getting the beats of the music hit the beats of the video was a real challenge. Regardless it was a great challenge to get in to and I was personally happy with the music I produced to go with the video. Suffice to say that I didn’t win but I am very grateful to Spitfire Audio for the opportunity (FYI to any musicians – if you haven’t yet, I would VERY highly recommend their BBC Concert Orchestra and Labs packs!). You can check out the video with the original version of the score below (the version on bandcamp and spotify had a few tweaks and edits…)

To digitally distribute the track I thought I would try Soundcloud’s new Repost service to distribute the track. Up until now I’ve been using DistroKid, who have pretty good, but the idea of an all in one SoundCloud hosting (great for demos, comments, WIP hosting, etc) and digital distribution package is pretty good.

There’s some good news and bad news. The good news is that it was pretty straightforward to create a new distribution but when it came to launch day it, at time of writing this, it hasn’t appeared on all of the platforms I selected (i.e. it’s on Spotify but not YouTube Music). Also the forms to fill in before getting royalties paid are very US-centric so it will be interesting to see what happens when it’s time to actually cash in though’s sweet, sweet, 0.0001 c royalties from spotify plays. Distrokid also offer out of the box smart links to point people at the services the release is on and some other services which don’t seem to be quite there yet in Repost. Anyway, it’s early days so we’ll see how it goes.

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