An update

Ok brace yourselves, this could be a long one.

You may have noticed that there have been a few changes around the site and on various social media channels. That’s to go with the changes that there have been behind the scenes which I’ll try to explain here.

Without going in to any ridiculous details, the “band”, if you could ever really call it that, that we once were, is no more. The reason being that for a band to be a band, there really needs to be more than 1 person involved and that’s just not the case any more. Just so we are all absolutely 100% clear, there was no big fight or anything ridiculous like that but Dan and Helena have decided to do some other things with their lives which means that they can’t do TM stuff so much any more and I genuinely couldn’t be happier for them. Seriously. It kind of goes without saying though that if the opportunity ever came up do play with either or both of them again, either separately or together I would jump on it. TM would NOT be what it is today, whatever that is, without them and they remain really, really, really good friends. They’ll be back, I’m sure. I’m just not sure when.

So where does that leave me? Well I did consider stopping this whole silly Tiger Mendoza thing altogether but thinking about it a bit more, I just don’t want to. Why would I? I still love making music and doing gigs and it’s not like I haven’t done solo remixes and gigs in the past. So Tiger Mendoza stays, but it just needs to change shape a bit. Which I think is healthy in the long run.

So what’s next? Well I currently have 1.5 / 2 projects that I would LOVE you to hear by the end of 2015. One is a second collection of tunes with the legendary Dave Griffiths and one is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but haven’t been able to until now. But trust me you’ll like it. Honest.

I’m not going to pretend that we have any kind of mega huge fan base but I do appreciate all of the support that we’ve received so far. Thank You! Feel free to get in touch via Twitter, the contact page or even Instagram (Please not Facebook though, the fan page messaging is rubbish).

There WILL be new stuff for you to listen to soon, trust me. Stay tuned.



An update

Hello! It’s been a bit quiet on the Tiger Mendoza front for a while so I thought I’d put out a quick update.

The Missing on the Motorway mix I put together for the DJ Shadow remix comp has been selected to be a bonus track on the download version of the compilation that’s coming out to accompany the competition. Shame it didn’t get on the actual CD but still cool to be associated.

Oscar TG asked me if I wanted to do a remix of his track ‘Run with the flame’ which will be coming out on Red Robot records soon. A big thank you to Oscar, Will Scarlett and Flipt for letting me mess with their song!

There are a couple of other things that I’m working on as well but their not 100% confirmed yet but hopefully more news soon….

New tunes:
We are writing new stuff at the moment and hope to have some sort of release out probably in September. Dan O’Driscoll will be joining on guitar (along with Helena on vocals and Sally on bass) so that’s nice. Will definitely help when we do live gigs as well (which we’re also going to try and do later this year).

Anyway, that’s it for now. Cheers to anyone that’s shown an interest in this little project in any way. There will be some new tunes for you to listen to soon hopefully but due to some ‘personal commitments’, the tunes have had to be put on hold for a bit. Here’s small bootleg to tide you over in the mean time.


Happy Easter: New ‘Hope Sick’ remix

Not particularly Easter themed but what did you expect? Chocolate? Enjoy.

Don’t forget, ‘Hope Sick ep’ remix stems are still available if you’re up for making you’re own TM remix :).
[Update 09/04/2010] Spoiltbrat has done a mashup of this remix with some clips from Silence of the Lambs and other bits. Listen and Download here:
Tiger Mendoza vs Nitgrit vs Anthony Hopkins – Silent Hope Belials Sick Lambs

Remixes, Gigs and other fun

My remix of The Half Rabbits‘ when the rain stops is now available to download from their website. If you’d like a listen first, here you go:

It’s also been added to the remixes page.

Also we’ve confirmed our first Tiger Mendoza live gig at Bar Tarifa in Oxford on Tuesday 9th February. It’ll be the first gig that Helena and I have done together that will feature acoustic and laptop stuff so should be fun. Should have more details and maybe a poster image soon.

And other fun? How about this.

The Hope Sick ep now on Bandcamp

The first proper Tiger Mendoza ep is now available to download from our Bandcamp page for FREE HIGH QUALITY download. Click on the cover below to go to the bandcamp page.

The Hope Sick e.p.

You can also listen here:
<a href="">Tokyo Triangle by Tiger Mendoza</a>

All songs feature Helena on vocals. Cheers to everyone that’s listened to the earlier versions of these songs and gave comments and suggestions (I listened to most of them). CDs coming soon. Also it’s the first addition to the Collections / Releases page. Hopefully the next e.p. won’t take quite so long to produce…

Also added to the new Releases / Collections page.

Busking Cancer

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that came, said hi and gave money to Helena and me for busking around Oxford town centre for Cancer Research as part of the last Busking Cancer week. In total we raised £85 which isn’t that bad for 4 1 hour slots and considering our short-ish repetoire.
Busking Cancer

If you want to donate, you can do so by clicking here.

Almost there now.

Just updated the TMCD1 (we are going to call it something different, can’t remember what now) playlist on Fairtilizer. Probably going to add 1, maybe 2 more songs (maybe including a cover) and then put the whole lot up for download and maybe make a few CDs too. Won’t that be nice?

Oh, there’s someting new on the remixes page as well. Hmmmm….

Erm…Happy 2009!

Hello. Let’s say this is the first PROPER POST of 2009 shall we? The last one was just me getting excited about the Watchmen film. Again. So how are you all? Doing well. That’s nice.

First of all a quick site update. I’ve recently had to move the blog to a slightly different bit of the internet and, shock horror, I now have to actually start paying for my webspace. I do want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Sam Shelton who’s been hosting this site and the Toy #1 site for me pretty much since day 1. I have to say it is quite cool though to actually ‘own’ now but’s that’s more geek-ery than anything else. Moving the site around has meant changing a couple of things behind the scenes so if you do spot any links not working or anything else weird please let me know.

As for new music, the start of 2009 was weird because once I got back from a brilliant holiday, I found it really difficult to create anything I thought was good and wanted to continue. I think I’m coming out of it now though and there’s a couple new things which need a little tweaking but should be ready very shortly (including a couple of new songs with Helena) and maybe even some gigs. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve also been thing of adding a style regular podcast to the site but we’ll see.

Untill next time then, here’s something I started right at end of 2008 and tweaked today.

Perfect Love (Nine Inch Nails ‘Blend’)