Tron 1.5

Hello! Just Thought I’d share the Fairtilizer playlist for the Tron 1.5 soundtrack that I mentioned earlier: Thanks again to Audio Hacker for organizing the the whole thing (who also organised the “It’s Britney, Mixed!” project) and to everyone that put together music for the project. Download the whole thing from

ep0 + Toy #1 gig

The previously mentioned demo thing is now up to 5 tracks:   Untitled 1 Untitled 2 No Heroes Left Wait for Tomorrow Take It’s not quite finished yet so no downloads just yet (I have 2 songs called Untitled for Bob’s sake!) but there will be soon.    On another note Toy #1 have finished […]

2 new songs

Here are 2 new songs that I’m not going to touch anymore otherwise I’ll end up ruining them. >> No heroes >> Wait For Tomorrow There’s a couple more but they need vocals so will probably be another couple of weeks. Also, anyone noticed the way that MySpaz have started changing links? Also the wording […]

New 90min Mix

Tiger Mendoza mix … Well I’ve finally done a mix that I like enough to post on here. I mixed it live using Virtual DJ and i suppose it’s really just 90 minutes of me having fun with some of my favourite songs. Nothing really groundbreaking or earth shattering but some great songs. Here’s a […]